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Castle Grounds

Sun Jun 10, 2012, 2:54 AM


Skull Dormitories
These dormitories are exclusively for the first year students in the beginner program. The building was constructed with millions of human and other paranormal bones, and the furniture inside is made from carved bone.

Blood Dormitories
These dormitories are for the second year students engaging in intermediate level classes. Blood spews from the faucets and showers for a couple of minutes before clearing, and the surfaces have blood beneath them, hidden below clear crystal.

Grave Dormitories
These dormitories are for third year students studying advanced level classes. This building was constructed using gravestones. It is very haunted by the spirits of those graves that were disturbed in the making of it. And there might literally be a skeleton in your closet.

Asylum Dormitories
These dormitories are for fourth year students studying expert level classes. The dormitories are modeled after an asylum, and all the students' rooms are padded. They even have shackles on the beds (for added fun between students, perhaps). 

Otherworlde Castle

The castle is where the general education classes happen, as well as some of the 100s-level specialization classes. It also contains some... rather special rooms that can entertain students. Lots of myths are build around the Otherworlde Castle, including that it completely vanishes on nights with a full moon, and any students inside are simply removed from the memories of the world and all people.

Meeting Rooms
There are many different meeting rooms on the four levels of the castle, and all of them have their histories. Room 201 supposedly had a mass murder inside it, with twenty people dying. Room 308 was the location of a demonic ritual gone bad. And Room 410 was the location of a suicide, where a student stressed by classes jumped out the meeting room's window.

Janitorial Closets
There are four janitorial closets in the Otherworlde Castle and students are generally warned not to get anywhere near them. Mythos says that if you enter one of the closets, the door will slam shut behind you and lock, and no one will hear your screams in the dark until a full three days later. But by then you might be dead from dehydration.

There are bathrooms on each floor of the castle and all are notorious for various reasons. The first level bathroom is known for having completely clogged toilets when you need them most. The second level bathroom will make its toilet paper vanish when you turn to grab some of it. The third level bathroom has drowned some people in its toilets (no joke, though no one has been around to witness how this happens). And the fourth level bathroom... let's just say it's boarded up for a reason.

The gymnasium located in the Castle is fully equipped with a weight-lifting room, an indoor track, and an olympic pool. The weight-lifting room is known for having a couple of ghosts in it, so be sure to always have a stopper. As for the pool, the towels have a tendency to vanish when you get out, so you should probably be prepared for that.

Lounge Room
This is the location of social interaction. The lounge room has a large amount of couches, chairs, and various places for resting and discussing classes or Otherworlde Academy life. There's a piano there for the musically inclined, as well as a really old looking TV that doesn't work unless you really coax it. Don't expect to get any useful channels.

Academic Buildings

Otherworlde Library
The library is a massive beast with three levels that spans a huge portion of the grounds. Books of all sorts are available here, though the floors are blocked off by class the higher you ascend. The first level has books accessible by first years, the second level by second years, the third by third years, the fourth by fourth years, and the fifth as restricted magic for teachers only.

School of Shamanism
The school of shamanism is near the northern part of the campus, close to the wooded areas. The building is very strict about who it lets in. Only people taking classes in shamanism or teachers of the classes are allowed into the building; others cannot even enter. It's a two story building with many meeting rooms and a library dedicated to books on and about shamanism.

School of Hexing
The school of hexing is shaped like a pentagram. The pentagram on the rooftop glows at night, and the color varies, though it tends to be red more than other colors. It is quite exciting to see from the air. The building tends to be full of hexes and curses that can be triggered by entering rooms or interacting with objects in the building. A strong knowledge of counter-curses will help.

School of Elementalism
This building typically appears to be covered in a various element -- either the entire building is on fire, or it's surrounded by a shield of water, or electricity is crackling over it. Generally, newer students need to have a teacher or an expert-level student to guide them inside or they might get hurt. It's a lot more painful to jump through a wall of fire than you might think.

School of Shadowmancy
The school of shadowmancy is a black building that tends to blend into the shadows; you can't see it unless you're standing at the right angle and looking right at it, and even then, sometimes it's hard to see. Inside, no lights are allowed at all except for a single candle in an entire room. Bringing flashlights or anything besides simply feeling your way through the hallways is bound to cause the shadows to converge on you, and that's not good.

School of Potionmaking
The potionmaking building also doubles as a garden. Many rare species of plants grow in the greenhouses surrounding the potionmaking building, and the building itself will sometimes empty potions into the drinking fountains. There are three greenhouses that are colloquially named Bad, Badder, and Worst.

School of Necromancy
The school of necromancy is built over an old graveyard site for obvious reasons. Field trips are frequently taken to the sight of the graves to see if the students have prepared themselves for their assignments. There are even some skeletons built into the walls that you can animate if you know how to properly do so. They're always interested to talk to the students.

Cafeteria Buildings

Blackthorne Cafeteria
Sometimes known as the "cheap, crappy food" cafeteria. Everything it serves in its buffet style line tends to have a rather bland taste, but at least it's fairly cheap. It's located by the first year dorm building, so perhaps that's an indication of the type of food they're invited to eat.

Nightshade Cafeteria
Despite its name, it actually has the best food. The food tends to be rather expensive and will drain any dining plan rather quickly, but at least it's good. There's also a track on the second level where you can walk it and look down at the cafeteria below. It is located in the very center of the Academy grounds, by the specialization schools.

Wolfsbane Cafeteria
This cafeteria is frequently forgotten about, and it's rather small, so there is the plus of it not being overly crowded. It's better that Blackthorn Cafeteria but worse than Nightshade Cafeteria. The price is about midrange. It has a tendency to experiment with strange or gross foods.

Hemlock Cafe
A small cafe located in the School of Potionmaking. Not only does it offer food for the hungry, it also stocks some bizarre drinks (potions, in other words) with random effects. Sometimes people complain that the only normal drink it offers is pomegranate juice, but it never seems to stock anything else.

Snakeroot Cafe
A small cafe located in the school of elementalism. It is known for serving some very kick ass sandwiches that taste like a bite of heaven (ironic, for the location). They are also known in the general vicinity for their spicy foods -- given they're enchanted with the burn of fire, even the most distinguished pepper eaters would take notice to the taste.

Dogbane Cafe
A small cafe located in the Otherworlde Library. It serves mostly sugary foods and those with a lot of caffeine in them. Naturally, the people who would be using the cafe are the library nerds, so it's kind of expected.

Merchant Buildings

Nightshade Mart
A small, all-purposes store where goods can be bought. It contains mostly the basics -- hygienic products, snacks, drinks, paper supplies, and that kind of thing.

Moonseed Lane
Moonseed Lane is a street where shops are lining each side. Those looking for specialized shops for their class supplies usually go to Moonseed Lane for their components.

The Soulstore
Despite the name, it sells basic supplies and books for courses. The books are stored in an underground warehouse that students can explore to search for the books they need. Shoplifters are punished with having a hand chopped off though. It's not worth stealing from the Soulstore!

Surrounding Grounds

The Forest
The forest is always fogged and it's said that the spirits living there will suck the life out of anyone who enters. Some very powerful herbs can be found there, though, if you know where to look - and there's a myth that a river of life flows through the center of Otherworlde's forest.

The Desert
To the south is a stretch of uninhabitable land. It's rumored that those who break the unspoken laws of Otherworlde Academy are given three days' food and water and sent out into the desert. None of them have survived.

The Mountainside
Great riches lie in the mountains to the east... but it would be silly to try finding them. Some expeditions are led there by teachers to find rare minerals and crystals in the mountainside's depths, but the risks are usually too great. Many darkness-dwelling creatures live there and wouldn't think twice to eat an intruder.

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