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Available Classes

Sat Jun 9, 2012, 5:07 AM
Individuals may take classes that are at their level or below.

PR stands for "Prerequisite," meaning the student must have completed and passed the listed class(es).

How are classes chosen?
At the beginning of the quarter, you update your application with the classes you wish your student to take. Your student can take a maximum of three (3) classes in an Otherworlde year. A year is three months of real life time. But be careful, make sure you have the time for those classes!

What is an assignment and how do I get it?
Assignments are posted by the teachers in the assignments journal every month, on the first of the month. The students taking that class are listed under the class, and you turn in your assignment by submitting it to the group, then posting it onto the journal with the name of the student and the class. The teacher will update the assignment list to show you finished your assignment. Grades are assigned at the end of the month, before the new assignment is posted.

How are assignments graded?
Each assignment is graded on a 0-5 scale.

0: The assignment was not turned in

1: The assignment is way below average. For writing it's probably around 100 words, or has a lot of spelling and grammar errors. For art, it's probably a sloppily done sketch or sketchy lineart.

2: The assignment is below average. For writing it's probably around 300 words, or has a lot of spelling and grammar errors. For art, maybe it's a sloppily made lineart with sloppy coloring, or a complex but still sketchy piece.

3: The assignment is about average. For writing it's probably around 500 words, maybe a spelling or grammar error here or there. For art, it's probably a nicely colored sketch, or a lineart that was colored sloppily.

4: The assignment is above average. For writing it's probably around 800 words, and it doesn't have grammar or spelling errors, as it's well polished. If it's art, it's probably simplistic but well done in nature, like a single character colored picture with no background.

5: The assignment went above and beyond. For writing that's about 1200 words with no errors. For art, it's a multiple character piece with nice lineart and coloring, or a single character picture with a nice background.

Please note that combining art and writing can boost your score. For example, you could do a single character nicely colored picture with no background with 500 words of polished story with no errors attached and probably get a five.

Remember that teachers differ. Some grade more harshly than others.

How many assignments do I have to finish?

Every class has three assignments. There is one assignment per month, per class. You must do two assignments per class, and those two assignments (or, out of three, your two highest scores) must equal 6.

For example, if your first assignment earns you a four, you can sloppily make the second to get a minimum of 2. That will give you 6 points, meaning you pass the class.

If you are taking three classes, you will be turning in three assignments per month for at least two months out of the three possible months available in the quarter.

Assignment Multipliers

Assignments earn extra experience based on the difficulty of the class.

Beginner Classes earn 1x experience points (see front group chart).
Intermediate Classes earn 1.25x experience points (see front group chart).
Advanced Classes earn 1.5x experience points (see front group chart).
Expert Classes earn 1.75x experience points (see front group chart).

How do I earn a degree?
You must meet the requirements of the Division, which is detailed in the Divison section. You can earn as many degrees as you want.

How does my student increase in level?
When your student joins Otherworlde, they will be a Beginner. After an Otherworlde year goes by (three months, coinciding with openings), and the student has passed two of their classes, they may start taking the next level classes and are promoted to the next level. Students do not necessarily have to advance to the next level, but they cannot take classes above their level, regardless of how long they have been in the academy.

Please note that a student must take and complete at least one class per Otherworlde year to remain in good standing. If they do not pass at least one class, they will be docked experience points and may be removed from the academy.

:iconwooooplz: Beast Studies :iconwooooplz:

.: OW - Upton Baines, Beast Studies Professor :. by Kawa-Mucchi

Beginner's Courses

BST 101 - Introduction to Cryptid Theory - An overview about the definition of "cryptids" and the history behind them, as well as coverage of the well and lesser-known cryptids of current times.

BST 102 - Animal Husbandry - Students will learn the brief history of animal husbandry, and explore hands-on techniques of selectively breeding certain animals for unique, genetically diverse offspring.

BST 103 - Dangerous Animal Safety - An overview about basic but important safety procedures when it comes to handling animals -- both paranormal and normal alike.

Intermediate Courses

BST 201 - Creatures and the Body - A look at the various parts of the body, and what creatures represent or can be created from those parts. Body part coverage may change from term to term.
PR: BST 101

BST 202 - Elemental Beasts - A more in-depth look at animals that can wield elements either for offensive hunting measures, defensive protection manners, or various miscellaneous uses.
PR: BST 103

BST 203 - Mythological Animal Habitats - Educational visits to the diverse lands of Otherworlde, to study the habitats of animals that do, or hypothetically could, live in the environs.
PR: BST 103

BST 204 - Unique Monsters - A study into rare creatures crossbred by exciting ventures of husbandry, their benefits/uses, or lack thereof.
PR: BST 102

Advanced Courses

BST 301 - Handling Beasts of the Air - A short history surrounding beasts of the air, and hands-on interaction with a small air-beast and large air-beast.
PR: BST 202, 203

BST 302 - Handling Beasts of the Water - A short history surrounding the beasts of the water, and hands-on interaction with small water-beasts and medium water-beasts (Nessie is not included).
PR: BST 202, 203

BST 303 - Handling Beasts of the Earth - A short history surrounding beasts of the earth, and hands-on interaction with medium earth-beasts and large earth-beasts.
PR: BST 202, 203

BST 304 - Handling Beasts of the Aether - A short history surrounding the beasts of aether, or 'all elements' and hands-on interaction with one of the rare beasts.
PR: BST 202, 203

Expert Courses

BST 401 - Breeding Mythological Beasts in Captivity - Students will learn to breed and care for their own mythological beast while remaining within containment and safety guidelines.
PR: Any 300 level course, BST 204

BST 402 - Shapeshifting, Skinwalking, and Beasts - Students will discover the connections between these classic beasts of 'horror' as well as interacting with them up close and personal.
PR: Any 300 level course, BST 201

BST 403 - Creature Genetics - Students will learn basic genetics concerning creatures, from Mendelian genetics to co-dominant traits, as well as dominant v recessive geno/phenotypes, to better distinguish creatures they may interact with in the future.
PR: Any 300 level course

BST 404 - Godlike Beasts - Students study the animal gods, ranging from Bastet of Egypt to the thunderbirds of Native American legends. Interaction possible.
PR: BST 304 and one other BST 300 course

Recommended Schedule for Degree
First Year: BST 101, BST 103, free space
Second Year: BST 201, BST 202, BST 203
Third Year: BST 301, BST 303, BST 304
Fourth Year: BST 402, BST 403, BST 404


:iconwooooplz: Chronomancy :iconwooooplz:




:iconwooooplz: Magical Linguistics :iconwooooplz:


Beginner Classes:

LIN 101 - Introduction to Spoken Magic - Learn basic incantations that can help you channel both your magic, and the magic of Otherworlde.

LIN 102 - Introduction to Written Magic - Learn the strength behind sigils, runes and magical symbolism, and how that can be applied to practical magic.

LIN 103 - Introduction to Animal Magics - Learn the language of animals, as well as how their magic can differ from your own, and how that can be useful.

LIN 104 - Introduction to Blood Magic - Become familiar with the basics of blood magic and its language, and learn how it can be useful in light or dark magic.

Intermediate Classes:

LIN 201
- Combining Spoken and Written Magic - Combine vocal incantations and written runes to make more powerful magic that can be used in a wider variety of ways.
PR: LIN 101, LIN 102.

LIN 202
- Intro to Familiars - In this class you will learn the history and symbolism behind familiars, as well as get a familiar of your own.
PR: LIN 103

LIN 203 - Basic Sacrifice - With hands-on activities, learn the basics in the variety of ways to sacrifice in order to enhance blood-magic strengths and understanding.
PR: LIN 104

Advanced Classes:

LIN 301 - Dark Incantations - For getting a grasp on performing dark magic while preventing possible negative affects and enhancing the strength of the spellwork.
PR: LIN 201

LIN 302 - Regenerative Magic Seals - Create seals that regenerate magic in a variety of ways, such as working off of a magical feedback loop or draining magic from its surroundings.
PR: LIN 201

LIN 303
- Basic Familiar Magic - Learn to work with your familiar in order to enhance each other's strength and perform magic together without straining yourselves.
PR: LIN 202

LIN 304
- Dark Blood Magic - Apply your knowledge of the magic within blood and sacrifice to more powerful extents.
PR: LIN 203

Expert Classes:

LIN 401 - Nonverbal Spellwork - Learn to control magic and cast spells non-verbally.
PR: LIN 301 or LIN 304

LIN 402 - Permanent Magic - Learn the difference between myth and fact with permanent magic and spells, and how to create seals that can theoretically last forever.
PR: LIN 302

LIN 403
- Advanced Familiar Magic - Learn to go past the basic magical connection with you familiar, and move on to more advanced topics like dual-body possession or multiple familiar contracts.
PR: LIN 303

LIN 401, LIN 402, LIN 403 or LIN 304.

Y4: LIN 401, LIN 402, LIN 403 or free
Y3: LIN 302, LIN 303 or 304, LIN 301 or free.
Y2: LIN 201, LIN 202 or LIN 203, free.
Y1: LIN 101, LIN 102, LIN 103 or LIN 104.


:iconwooooplz: Medical Studies :iconwooooplz:

Beginner Classes

MDC 101 - Introduction to Medicine - A basic overview of common injuries and their treatments.

MDC 102 - Identifying and Classifying - Providing insight on illnesses and injuries, and their causes and cures/treatments.

MDC 103 - Medicinal Philosophy -  A look at the philosophies of modern medicine, and a look at the Hippocratic Oath.

MDC 104
- History of Medicine - A review of ancient medical practices and their similarities and differences to recent advances.

Intermediate Classes

MDC 201
- Intermediate Medicine - Examining medical areas such as internal injuries and anesthesia.
PR: MDC 101, MDC 102, MDC 103

MDC 202
- Field Medicine - A study of medical practice outside of the infirmary, and using improvised materials to heal.
PR: MDC 101, MDC 102, MDC 103

MDC 203
- Magic in Medicine - A beginning insight to the use of magic to aid in healing, and ways magic can be used in lieu of traditional methods.
PR: MDC 101, MDC 103, MDC 104

MDC 204
- Introduction to Off-hand Medicine - A look at what most would call 'mad science,' including the effective removal and preservation of body parts and skin.
PR: MDC 101, MDC 103, MDC 104

Advanced Classes

MDC 301
- Advanced Medicine - Studying advanced medical practices, including administration of life support and surgical prep.
PR: MDC 201, 202

MDC 302
- Advanced Magical Medicine - A more in-depth look at magical applications to medicine, including magical augmentation of medical tools.
PR: MDC 203

MDC 303 - Grafting and Mutation - A study on modification of genetic code, and attachment of foreign parts and skin to a new host.
PR: MDC 204

Expert Classes

MDC 401
- Surgery - A class on surgery preparations and how to perform surgery safely, culminating in the student performing an operation under supervision.
PR: MDC 301

MDC 402
- Expert Magical Medicine - The use of magic in lieu of proper medical tools and supplies, as well as using magic to preserve and enhance the body.
PR: MDC 302

MDC 403 - Assembly and Reanimation - Learning to use preserved parts in conjunction with fresh, with the final project being for the student to make their very own Frankenstein monster.
PR: MDC 303

Doctor: 401/Mage-Scientist: 402/Mad Scientist: 403


Y4: MDC 401, free, free
Y3: MDC 301, free, free
Y2: MDC 201, MDC 202, free
Y1:MDC 101, MDC 102, MDC 103

Y4: MDC 402, free, free
Y3: MDC 302, free, free
Y2: MDC 203, free, free
Y1: MDC 101, MDC 103, MDC 104

Mad Scientist
Y4: MDC 403, free, free
Y3: MDC 303, free, free
Y2: MDC 204, free, free
Y1: MDC 101, MDC 103, MDC 104


:iconwooooplz: Astral Studies :iconwooooplz:


Beginner Classes

AST 101 - Introduction to Spirit Communication - an introduction into communicating with spirits, through three separate and simple connections.

AST 102 - Introduction to Psychoactive Plants - a study of various plants used in summoning and spirit communication rituals.

AST 103 -Introduction to the History of the Astral Plane - learning the historic significance behind beliefs, and the astral spheres/levels of the planes.

AST 104 - Astrology - learn about eastern and western zodiacs and their impacts on divination.

Intermediate Classes

AST 201 - Aura Reading - learn the basics of how to feel and sense the auras of those around, the colors of aura and their meaning, and thus get to know everyone on a more personal level.

AST 202 - Divination - become acquainted with the tools of the divination trade, such as tarot cards, palm reading, bone divination, and crystal balls.
PR - AST 101, AST 102

AST 203 -
Spirit Summoning - a study of the ancient practice of summoning specific spirits for magical assistance, both for benevolent or malevolent intentions.
PR - AST 101, AST 102

AST 204 Spiritual Bonding - learning how to summon spirits in order to bind them to objects or to oneself. Best taken in conjunction with AST 203.
PR - AST 101

Advanced Classes

AST 301 - Aura Manipulation - using prior learned knowledge of reading, students will learn how to exert their aura and spiritual strength onto others to forcibly change or manipulate others’ moods and actions.
PR - AST 201

AST 302 - Cleansing - using various paraphernalia, students will learn a major defense against malevolent spirits and the dead by learning to cleanse an area and keep themselves safe.
PR - AST 202, AST 203

AST 303 - Soul Shielding - students will learn how to protect themselves and others from influences of spirits, including psychological effects, possession, and soul manipulation.
PR - AST 202, AST 203

AST 304 - Spiritual Sacrifice - a hard lesson to learn is that spirits who are dead are malleable. Learn how to break bonds previously found in prior classes, as well as use spirits as sacrifices to complete various rituals.
PR - AST 202, AST 203

Expert Classes

AST 401 - Astral Projection - students learn how to separate their spirit from their bodies to walk the varying planes of existence, as well as project illusory spiritual copies of themselves.
PR - AST 302, AST 303, AST 304

AST 402 - Astral Studies Workshop - students may pick a specific area under the umbrella of Astral Studies to learn more about and specialize in.
PR -AST 302, AST 303, AST 304

AST 403 - Spiritmaster Ascension - learning the touch and feel of life energy all around themselves, students will exit the course being able to manipulate it, absorb it, and extend their own life with the resources around them.
PR - AST 302, AST 303, AST 304

AST 401, AST 402, AST 403

YR 4: AST 401, AST 402, AST 403
YR 3: AST 302, AST 303, AST 303
YR 2: AST 202, AST 203, free
YR 1: AST 101, AST 102, free


:iconwooooplz: Hexing :iconwooooplz:


Beginner Classes

CRS 101 - Introduction to Dollmaking - an introduction on how to create dolls that are proper vessels for a curse.

CRS 102 - Introduction to Fetishes - an introduction to objects with supernatural powers.

CRS 103 - Hex Signs - an overview of traditionally used hex signs.

CRS 104 - Hex Protection - an overview of methods used to protect from hexes and curses.

Intermediate Classes

CRS 201 - Bokor Zombification - a study on the methods used by bokor sorcerers to zombify a person by use of puffer fish poison.

CRS 202 - Ritual Components - an overview of various herbs, minerals, candles, incense, and other components used in hexing rituals.
PR: CRS 104

CRS 203 - Hexing on the Field - a workshop in condensing hexes into charms and fetishes for quick and efficient use.

CRS 204 - Ancient Curses - a study of ancient curses from cultures around the world and their histories.
PR: CRS 102

Advanced Classes

CRS 301 - Poppets and Sympathetic Magic - a general study and workshop of the practice of voodoo dolls.
PR: CRS 102

CRS 302 - Spiritual Entities used in Hexing - an overview of various spiritual entities traditionally used in hexing.
PR: CRS 202

CRS 303 - Karma Curses - a study on curses that return negative energy, and other mirror spells.
PR: CRS 202, CRS 204

CRS 304 - Illness Hexes - a study of hexes used to cause various illnesses.
PR: CRS 202, CRS 204

Expert Classes

CRS 401 - Use of Nkondi - a study of the practice of fetishes used to search out wrongdoers and cause or cure sickness.
PR: CRS 301 or CRS 304

CRS 402 - Death Hexes - a study of hexes used to cause death.
PR: CRS 303

CRS 403 - Cleansing - a study of advanced anti-hexes.
PR: CRS 104, CRS 302

CRS 401, CRS 402, CRS 403

YR 4: CRS 401, CRS 402, CRS 403
YR 3: CRS 301 or 304, CRS 302, CRS 303
YR 2: CRS 202, CRS 204, free space
YR 1: CRS 102, CRS 104, free space


:iconwooooplz: Elementalism :iconwooooplz:


Beginner Classes

ELM 101 - Rainmaking - A study on the components that make up rain and thunderstorms, and learning how to make them!

ELM 102 - Elemental Zodiac - Ever wondered how the elements interact with the astrological zodiac? Learn about the base elements of fire, water, earth, and wind, and how they interact with birthdays.

ELM 103 - Aggressive Elementalism - Through the use of talismans, students will learn basic offensive use of their strongest and weakest elements.

ELM 104 - Defensive Elementalism - This class will teach you how to use some basic elemental spells to protect yourself in battles, and discuss strategies for using elements defensively.

Intermediate Classes

ELM 201 - Firemancy - Presented with fire, students will be tasked with honing this volatile element over the course of the term.
PR: ELM 103, ELM 104

ELM 202 - Watermancy - Students will learn to connect with the element water, then how to use watermancy in both offensive and defensive ways.
PR: ELM 103, ELM 104

ELM 203 - Earthmancy - A study of one of the oldest elements around, students will be tasked with honing this ancient element over the course of the term.
PR: ELM 103, ELM 104

ELM 204 - Windmancy - Make a bond with the powerful element of wind and learn how to use windmancy in offensive and defensive strategies.
PR: ELM 103, ELM 104

Advanced Classes

ELM 301 - Combination Elementalism - When one has gained knowledge of elemental manipulation, the student can begin to combine them. Fire and earth combine to make magma, but there are many other combinations to control.
PR: ELM 201, ELM 203

ELM 302 - Sound Warfare - The element of sound, while not thought of as a dangerous element, can indeed become so. Delve into the depths of sound and how it can be used in battle.
PR: ELM 201, ELM 203

ELM 303 - Elemental Transmutation - In this course, students will learn how to convert elements into each other and control the very base, raw form of energy that fuels them.
PR: ELM 202, ELM 204

ELM 304 - Energymancy - Electricity takes a shocking center stage in this course, where students learn how to harness the powers of electricity, and study offensive and defensive methods.
PR: ELM 202 and ELM 204

Expert Classes

ELM 401 - Morphing - In a rigorous study, students will be able to select one element that they can use to morph themselves to and from, as well as other objects and people.
PR: ELM 303

ELM 402 - Metalmancy - Combine prior year’s learning into turning earth into metal, and manipulating this unique element to fit your needs.
PR: ELM 301

ELM 403 - Elemental Catastrophes - Learn about dangerous elemental weather, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, firestorms, etc… and tame them, creating your own as well. Will involve field trips.
PR: ELM 303

ELM 404 - Lightmancy - In this course, students will study the powerful spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, and will learn everything from infrared to deadly gamma rays.
PR: ELM 304


Y4: ELM 402, ELM 403, free OR ELM 401, ELM 404, free
Y3: ELM 301, ELM 302, free OR ELM 303, ELM 304, free
Y2: ELM 201, ELM 203, free OR ELM 202, ELM 204, free
Y1: ELM 101, ELM 103, ELM 104


:iconwooooplz: Shadowmancy :iconwooooplz:


Beginner Classes

SHD 101 - Shadowmancy in Nature - in this course, students will first study plants that utilize shadowmancy, animals made up of shadow, then finally sentient beings that naturally are shadow-creatures.

SHD 102 - Aggressive Shadowmancy - this course will teach a student how to utilize shadow tendrils, first for movement and grasping, then for strangulation and constriction, and finally for slicing and cutting.

SHD 103 - Shadowstalking - this course will teach a student first how to blend into the shadows as a hiding tactic, then how to change objects back and forth from shadow, and finally how to change oneself to and from shadow.

SHD 104 - The Shadow Realm - this course will first teach the student about the dangers of the shadow realm, and finally involve a field trip to the realm where the student will study an aspect of it.

Intermediate Classes

SHD 201 - Shadowporting - this course will teach the student how to utilize shadows for rapid movement. First the student will learn how to jump short distances from shadow to shadow in a room, and finally how to memorize and sense a shadow in a separate area and shadowport into it.
PR: SHD 101 or SHD 103

SHD 202 - Shadow Beasts - this course will focus on powerful beasts in shadowmancer lore, as well as involve a field trip to the shadow realm to view the burial site of a fallen shadow god.
PR: SHD 103 or SHD 104

SHD 203 - Shadow Illusions - this course will teach a student how to make an illusion, first by introducing the student to shadow manipulation, and then teaching them how to craft visual illusions made shadow.

SHD 204 - Shadow Bandages - the student will learn how to flatten their shadow tendrils into bandage shapes and use them to stem the flow of blood from a wound.
PR: SHD 102

Advanced Classes

SHD 301 - Shadow Wormholes - this course will inform the student of various wormholes around the academy that can be used for rapid movement, how wormholes were used historically in shadow battles, and how to connect one shadow to the other to ensure rapid transportation.
PR: SHD 201 or SHD 202

SHD 302 - Shadow Objects - students will learn how to create objects that retain their shape and corporeality, first by duplicating small objects they can study and are familiar with, and finally by learning how to create small objects from the mind.
PR: SHD 203

SHD 303 - Shadow Acid - the student will be taught how to convert shadow into an acidic substance that can be sprayed onto an enemy in battle. They will learn how to craft three separate strengths of acid depending on how much damage is desired.
PR: SHD 202 or SHD 102

SHD 304 - Shadow Stitching - in this course, students will learn how to utilize shadow tendrils as needle and thread to stitch together wounds, as well as learn how to keep shadows permanently corporeal for this purpose.
PR: SHD 204

Expert Classes

SHD 401 - Shadow Puppetry - in this course, the student will be taught how to gain control of an enemy's shadow, first by moving objects by interacting with their shadows and finally by manipulating a living being's shadow to take control of their body.
PR: SHD 302 or SHD 301

SHD 402 - Shadow Erosion - this class will teach the student how to further manipulate a shadow to change the shape of the object casting it in a reverse casting method. This can be used to shave off limbs or cause serious damage in battle.
PR: SHD 303

SHD 403 - Shadow Reconstruction - the student will be taught how to create replacement bone, muscle, and skin tissue to merge into a physical body, a sort of shadow prosthetic, as well as how to connect living tissue to shadow tissue.
PR: SHD 304

SHD 401, SHD 402, SHD 403

Y4: SHD 401, SHD 402, SHD 403
Y3: SHD 302, SHD 303, SHD 304
Y2: SHD 203, SHD 204, free space
Y1: SHD 102, free space, free space


:iconwooooplz: Potionmaking :iconwooooplz:

OW: Professor Helmintio by viralremix

Beginner Classes

PTS 101 - Introduction to Potions - learn a little about the types of potions that potionmakers make, about the ingredients used, and then make a simple potion at the end of the quarter.

PTS 102 - Introduction to Potion Herbs - this course provides a more detailed overview of herbs used in potionmaking, starting with making herbal teas (the simplest of potions), then learning how to research and create a herb-based potion.

PTS 103 - Potions and Ethics - in this course, students are introduced to ethics behind potions and their making, or lack thereof. Students are given various assignments for slipping potions into classmates' food and drink and taught how potions can be used to manipulate others.

Intermediate Classes

PTS 201 - Healing Potions - this workshop goes over common types of herbs that are used in healing potions, first those used in herbal teas and salves, and later those with stronger healing power and more complex recipes.
PR: PTS 102

PTS 202 - Basic Mind-Altering Potions - this course will teach the student how to create potions that cause insomnia, sleepiness, and amnesia by introducing them to ingredients that cause those issues.
PR: PTS 103

PTS 203 - Advanced Potion Herbs - this course introduces students to powerful herbs that exist in the three regions surrounding the academy: the desert, the mountains, and the forest. Students will learn what kind of herbs grow in those areas and harvest them.
PR: PTS 102

Advanced Classes

PTS 301 - Basic Transformation Potions - this class focuses on simple alterations of the body, such as changing skin color and growing small body parts like claws, tails, or wings.
PR: PTS 203

PTS 302 - Aphrodisiac Potions - this course focuses on creating three types of aphrodisiac potions: those that cause lust, those that cause infatuation, and powerful mentally-altering love potions.
PR: PTS 202

PTS 303 - Emotion Potions - this workshop teaches the student how to create potions that affect the three basic emotions of sentient beings: happiness, sadness, and fear.
PR: PTS 201

PTS 304 - Rare Potion Ingredients - this course gives the student an overview of potion ingredients that are not herbs, such as animal-based products and various gemstones and minerals.
PR: PTS 203

Expert Classes

PTS 401 - Advanced Mind-Altering Potions - this course teaches the student how to create potions that cause hallucinations and paranoia, as well as covers how to manipulate the five senses.
PR: PTS 302 or PTS 303

PTS 402 - Transmutation - this course will teach the student how to temporarily transform their entire body into another being using transmutation potions. The student will learn how to transmutate by species and by individual.
PR: PTS 301

PTS 403 - Illness and Death Potions - this course will teach the student about poisonous herbs, and how to create potions that cause sickness, as well as potions that would be fatal in small doses.
PR: PTS 301

PTS 404 - Potion Workshop - this course is a one on one workshop where the student works with the professor to create a potion of their own making. They will have to apply knowledge learned in previous courses to satisfy the requirements of the course.
PR: PTS 304

PTS 404 and Two of the following: 401, 402, 403

It varies depending on which expert level class you want
Y4: PTS 401, PTS 402, PTS 404
Y3: PTS 303, PTS 304, PTS 301
Y2: PTS 202, PTS 203, free space
Y1: PTS 102, free space, free space


:iconwooooplz: Necromancy :iconwooooplz:

[OW] Mikhaela Azarov by Nighttail101

Beginner Classes

NEC 101 - Spiritual Communication - learn to communicate with the dead in seances.

NEC 102 - Introduction to Necromancy - an introduction to the types of magic required for necromancy.

NEC 103 - Necromantic Talismans - learn about the various talismans used in the practice of necromancy.

Intermediate Classes

NEC 201 - History of Necromancy - an in-depth study of necromancy reports in various cultures.

NEC 202 - Animal Necromancy - practice raising and controlling the bodies of dead animals.
PR: NEC 102

NEC 203 - Necromantic Sustenance - a study of the various food and drink designed to empower the necromantic ability.

NEC 204 - Necromancy in Literature - a study of various books that involve necromancy in history.
PR: NEC 101

Advanced Classes

NEC 301 - Necromancy - practice raising and controlling the bodies of dead humans.
PR: NEC 202

NEC 302 - Reaping - create and learn to wield a scythe to trap and release souls.
PR: NEC 101, NEC 202

NEC 303 - Bone Divination - use bones to divine simple futures.
PR: NEC 101, NEC 201

NEC 304 - Life Drain - learn how to drain the life of others to increase your own.
PR: NEC 103, NEC 203

Expert Classes

NEC 401 - Advanced Necromancy - practice raising and controlling the bodies of dead paranormal creatures.
PR: NEC 301

NEC 402 - Soul Manipulation - learn how to reach for a soul while it remains in its body. Perfect for gathering vital information and possible body and mind manipulation.
PR: NEC 301, NEC 204

NEC 403 - Exorcism - learn how to purge a body of spirits.
PR: NEC 302

NEC 404 - Army of the Dead - learn how to raise and control zombie hordes.
PR: NEC 103, NEC 301, NEC 302

Three of the following: NEC 401, NEC 403, NEC 403,NEC 404

Note that it varies depending on which Expert level classes you prefer.
Y4: NEC 401, NEC 402, NEC 403
Y3: NEC 301, NEC 302, NEC 304
Y2: NEC 204, NEC 202, free space
Y1: NEC 101, NEC 102, free space

Classes available in Otherworlde.
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Bloody's gonna be in LIN 402, LIN 403, and BST 103.

Mojo's gonna be in CRS 301, 302, and 303.

For the JanFebMarch semester.  I have to do it early, so yeah.
Poke-Chann Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Student
actually aerin will join lin 101, elm 103, and mdc 103
forgot about pr, sorry
jekicat7 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Geluk: Elm 201
Ast 203
Firelord-Lia Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amanzi: SHD 103, SHD 104, LIN 102
Sharkiey Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015
Erebos - NEC 101
Marlena - SHD 101
Lucynda - ELM 103
MoeMoe-Momo Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Student General Artist

Cathrine will be taking LIN 103 & CRS 101 (give potions a break lol)
Imp-y Featured By Owner Edited Oct 1, 2015
Signing up for next term 

Cecil: CRS 101 .... again :iconmingplz: only doing one again .. cause last time.. well didn't do so well LMAO = v = 
Dark-Ranokai Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Signing up for new classes:
Stitches: Nec 102, Nec 103
Pastelodie Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
idfk if i'm supposed to post it here too and i don't want things to be a clusterfuck of confusion like they were for me last term so just in case
aphina is taking LIN 201 and CHR 201
zstew2 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Student Writer
Signing up for new classes:
Emily: AST 103, LIN 104, ELM 103
Merrillana - ELM 201
Stren - MDC 104, 201, 202
Rosalita - SHD 201, SHD 203
Aquillo - CHR 101, CHR 104
Emete Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sign up time~!

Aren- NEC 101 + 102

Dhakiyah- LIN 103 + 104

Diyah- LIN 103 + 104

Hock- LIN 103 + 104

Totally not cheating by putting three in the same classes no
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey.  I'm signing Bloody up for LIN classes again.  302, 303, and 401.

Mojo's going into CRS classes 202, 203, and 204.

I can't update the app art until I get my new computer, though.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
CthulhuZuzu Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Little question from me. If your character entered the school in the middle of the month, I assume that  their assignments and homework won't start until the beginning of the next month. (otherwise I'd only have about ten days to finish two assignments. :'D)
Pastelodie Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay so I feel really stupid asking this but i'm not sure whether or not my character moves up?? She should pass one class and the other I was given multiple passes for, at least to my knowledge? So uh i'm confused otl
MasterMitosi Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
(my Harry Potter fan self is nagging about how the "-mancy" classes, aside from Chrono, should use the latin Pyro, Hydro, Geo, Aero/Vento, and Umbra prefixes instead of the english words, but I'm gonna ignore him! ;))

These are very well though out! I'm impressed! My only :( is that I'm unable to really draw that well. Or at all. And I'm rather decent at writing!
ImpureElegance Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Student General Artist
I have a question! 
I have an OC who is the descendant of a Canon character (she however is NOT a fandom OC). Is it okay to use her?
viralremix Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
If they're descendant from a fandom character, isn't that by definition a fandom character?
Could you explain more?
ImpureElegance Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Student General Artist
When I first developed my OC she was the descendant of a canon character, but over the years as I developed her I never really revisited that idea. I don't know if she still counts as an actual fandom OC or not, since she has a detailed backstory and her being related to the character isn't expanded on nor mentioned.
viralremix Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
If it's not mentioned and it's not obvious by looking at the character or reading about her, then it's fine =3
ImpureElegance Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Student General Artist
Okay! Thanks c:
Torag1000 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I can probably do 3 classes, but I also have university. It might be a problem, but I'll figure something out.
CutieSunraye Featured By Owner Edited Mar 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Quick question! If you are taking 3 classes, you have to submit 2 assignments per class (6 total) over a course of 3 months right? So like i can space the work load out over the 3 months, and I have to get it all done before the 3 months end in order to pass all my classes. The wording of how that works in the journal was messing with me so I just thought I'd ask ;w;;
viralremix Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015
Yes :3 So during the first month, you would do three pieces of art/writing. Then in the second month, you do another three. And that means you pass the class. But you could also do:

Month 1: Class 1, Class 2
Month 2: Class 1, Class 3
Month 3: Class 2, Class 3

You know? As long as there's two in there, it's good :3
CutieSunraye Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Sounds good!! Thank you! 
TheHappy3 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, question time:

I read somewhere else that you can do min. 2 max. 3 classes; is one class e.g. Necromancy 101 or is it the whole Necromancy Beginner?
Because, if 1, you can somehow only take one "subject" per three months; but if 2, you can take two or three different "subjects" per year (e.g. Necromancy, Magical Linguistics and Potionmaking).
viralremix Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
Minimum 1, maximum 3 :3
And yes, it's just one class per slot, not the whole beginner level section~
TheHappy3 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, min. 1, sorry :I
Okay, so I either deepen my knowledge on one subject, like Magical Linguistics, or I get little knowledge on two or three subjects?
viralremix Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
Yup! Though the goal of the academy is to graduate with a degree, and that generally requires focusing on one department to get through all of its classes.
TheHappy3 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, thank you very much for the clarification. There's just two subjects I can't chose between!
the1dragon1girl Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Are you ever likely to get a course on magical entities/animals or entities that can use magic? I could teach that, I guess.
viralremix Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
We're planning a department on magical animals, but to teach a person must have already been here for a quarter and be approved by the mods of the group.
the1dragon1girl Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Okay.  I don't think I would really be ready for such a big commitment anyway, I just wanted to know if it was going to happen.
the1dragon1girl Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I just don't really know if I would have enough time to.
Hitsuji--chan Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
So how do you pass through those classes? Just by writing or drawing something? And, just because english is not my native language, have I read it correctly?
A student has to pass at least one class per Otherworlde year, which is three month? ^-^"
I'm a little bit confused by all of this.
KeplerNova Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Okay. I think I have five characters and their entire class schedules planned out. This is going to take YEARS. XD
cluelooser Featured By Owner Edited Sep 30, 2014  Student General Artist
Are there any prerequisites for SHD 203?
Ra-Punzelle Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are we allowed to study one course for more than four years? I mean, can I, for example, be taking classes of one course non stop for five years without a break to earn a degree? Also, are we allowed to take a break from a course?
viralremix Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
A lot of people don't take the rigorous four year lesson plan. Characters can stay as long as they want.
Ra-Punzelle Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay, thank you! C: That's great to know. *continues planning... Instead of actually colouring her OCs refs :XD:*
AstriaOdinson Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you able to do classes from two degrees if you plan on doing both degrees?
viralremix Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
Yes, though three max per "year"
AstriaOdinson Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright! Thanks! :)
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