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OW: Oleander Pax by viralremix OW: Oleander Pax by viralremix
Look at how short he is ahahaa he grew an inch and he's STILL SO SHORT
But yes beautiful rp group shenanigans. 

Bullet; Black Basic Information Bullet; Black
Name: Oleander Pax ("poisonous flower of peace" ... alright then)
Age: 17
Height: 5'2''. He's tiny.
Species: Plaguewalker These creatures are ethereal spirits that enhance sickness and plague to knock down overpopulation. They inspired medieval plague doctors, who would wear the masks depicted on their scarves to protect themselves from illness and channel healing energy. The sign of a plaguewalker is black footprints on the ground, indicative of the poisonous ink leaking from their feet. They are shapeshifters and turn back and forth from the ink they inflict upon others. The ink is thick and viscous. 
Abilities: Ink splattering - he'll toss ink at someone's face to blind them. He also has some knowledge of basic hexes and hex protections.

Bullet; Black Academic Information Bullet; Black
Level: Intermediate
Current Classes: CRS 204, ELM 101
Passed ClassesCRS 102, CRS 104
Experience: 721 (as of 3/14/14)

Bullet; Black Personal Information Bullet; Black
Likes: Ole is quite fond of anything that's black and white and will typically turn objects grayscale, even without permission, so if you happen to have anything colorful, keep it away from him. He loves sapping the color out of stuff. He enjoys teasing people and trying to get a reaction out of them. He's fond of stripes and typically wears clothes that are striped in grayscale. He loves popcorn and will carry it around so he can stand there and eat it while watching drama. He loves clothes that are warm and cover up the majority of his body, especially clothes that go past his hands. He has a pretty big love for bird skulls, and bleached skulls in general. White, bleached bones are something he collects and will decorate his room with. Breads. And cereals. They're about as normal as food gets, and he doesn't like weird squirming food. Or things that are green, because fuck green. He likes to sew and design clothes. He also loves drawing tends to make ink sketches in a sketchbook primarily of Chrono and clothing design.
Dislikes: He hates being rejected, whether as a friend or by peers in general. He really doesn't like it when people push him away or ignore him as he likes attention. He doesn't like to hear whining about how he gets his ink over everything; if you ask nicely he'll clean it up by pulling it back into his body. Otherwise he'll just throw some at you. He hates water, it dilutes the ink in his body and makes it less effective, as well as really watery and that's just gross. He'd probably scream if water were thrown on him... he also hates being surprised because he tends to overreact. Most liquids, he doesn't like drinking water or tea or anything like that. He hates alcohol, as it'd affect him really fast, considering he's an ink-based creature and small to boot.
Fears: Water, it'll dilute his ink, and could possibly cause issues with losing skin or limbs if he's diluted too much. He also fears losing the mask attached to his scarf, as it's a totem of his species, and though he doesn't really like his species and what they do, he knows he doesn't want to lose it. He also fears being taken away by the elder plaguewalkers and forced to join their hive mind.

Strengths: He will use his ink as a defense if he feels like he's being threatened by splattering it on people; it's very thick and easy to use to blind someone until they can get to a water source to wash it off. His control over it isn't so superb yet, but soon he'll be able to shap eshift like the rest of his species. His ink isn't poisonous yet because he's still young and stupid. He'll probably learn how to make it so after figuring out shapeshifting, but we'll see.
Weaknesses: He is a bit of a wimp and his flight is stronger than his fight; he'll probably blind someone and run away if they threaten him. He tends to casually avoid responsibilities and isn't exactly the best at turning in homework. Not to mention, apologies for the fact that there will be ink splatters all over the homework. Water is his most obvious weakness as it makes his ink near useless and is fairly dangerous to him too. He has a limp from when there was an infection in his leg, so he can't move agilely.
Goals: Finding some way to change his destiny - he was born a plaguewalker, meant to take a vow of silence and discard one's personality to the plague hive mind. He doesn't know if it's possible for a creature like him to shed their destiny and become something else, but he figures if there's anywhere he could go to become strong, it's probably here.

Personality: Oleander is a curious sort and likes to be around the crowd to see what's going on. Any sort of gathering or happening is bound to catch his attention. He's a bit of an attention-dependent fellow and likes to be loud and silly to be in the spotlight and will pout if someone else gets it. In interpersonal relationships he's kind of awkward and uncertain of himself because he's never had much in the way of friends, as the other plaguewalkers aren't the chatty sort, and he can sometimes come off a little too strong when trying to impress others. 

He's very stupid brave when exploring, and enjoys adventures. Anything that has a mysterious or curious element is bound to draw him in and interest him. He loves researching the history of the academy and all the little rumors about the rooms -- like the suicide room in the Castle -- and will go explore those places to see if the rumors are true. He loves bringing company with him, but he's perfectly fine with setting out and exploring on his own. Having someone with him can sometimes make him anxious about their safety, which detracts from his original plan of learning more about a place.

History: The Plaguewalkers are a small species; there are only about ten of them right now, roughly one for each continent, though more populous continents will see more plaguewalkers. They are rather boring creatures and Oleander didn't quite fit into the quiet, mysterious, and ultimately obedient stereotype that fits nearly all of them, not to mention he wasn't fond of the idea of taking a vow of silence and losing himself to the plague, so he decided to leave his mentor and flee to experience the rest of the world.

With this future weighing heavily upon him, he learned of the dark magic academy and figured this was probably the best way that he could gain power and change his destiny. If he became strong enough that the elder plaguewalkers would ignore his leaving and allow him to be in peace, because otherwise he'd use his power for protection. The hexing school looked best for that, because those spells seemed to be more about anticipation, and Oleander figures that he'll eventually escape somewhere and cast hexes around his living region to keep the plague away.

:new: Year 1 - Though he doesn't have much respect for his professor, he learned a lot through reading his textbooks and researching in the hexing department library, and being an ink creature himself, he has memorized some basic hexes that he can immediately draw around him with the use of his ink (which also doubles as his blood, for twice the whammy!). He found a room mate named Chrono that he's quite smitten with, and enjoys following him around and in general being overly cliny caring. He also made an enemy, and has lost a lot of his agileness to a permanent limp.

Misc. Information:
Bullet; White He has a fairly low tolerance for stupid and arrogant people, and though it's fun to harass them and make fun of their idiocy, he can get rather short tempered when dealing with dumb.
Bullet; White He likes the idea of exploring, though it's hard to prepare when he's still not fully sure how to take care of his body.
Bullet; White He doesn't tend to take danger very seriously, and will ignore it if he wants to do something.
Bullet; White People wearing more than three colors aggravates him, and he gets a strong temptation to want to drain the colors out of their clothing.
Bullet; White He's HORRIBLE at accepting gifts. Offering a legitimate gift to him is bound to make him blush and stutter furiously in an attempt to accept it.
Bullet; White He has a lot of social anxiety and making friends or going on dates is very difficult for him, and his anxiety can easily make him sick. He can handle being around people just fine, but when things get more personal he tends to back off (with one blatant exception).
Bullet; White He only has one friend, but he's fairly protective of him. He's only just getting used to the idea of having friends and spends a lot of time worrying that he'll be a disappointment; as such, he tries to make up for it with being as attentive as he can to their needs.


Bullet; Black - Dislikes || Bullet; Green - Likes || Bullet; Yellow - Admires || Bullet; Purple - Enjoys harassing || Bullet; Pink - Attraction

Yes, you get the first slot, Cono! Cono is his favorite punching bag, someone he can't seem to stop engaging with. His limp is on account of the other, though he foolishly keeps coming back for more.

This student is a sassy little shit, and as long as it's directed at Cono, he likes him! Why wouldn't he like a partner to harass Cono with?

Melik - Bullet; YellowBullet; Green
Though he's not too sure how to feel about this student, Melik did patch up his infected leg, otherwise he probably would have lost it and been crippled. He's thankful for that.

Chrono is easily the most important person in his life, and they've only known each other for about a week. He's not only named the other his roommate, but he cares deeply for him too, putting his own health in danger to ensure that Chrono has everything he needs to be healthy. He'd smack down anyone who tried to hurt him, and is insanely protective of him. In addition to that, Chrono makes him feel really weird... it's a good sort of weird, but one that's sending his heart racing.
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Kuzumm Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE IT when people type so much shiz that I can read ....although at the same time ;w; I would prefer it in comic form.
viralremix Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
Thanks! Admittedly, I'm not that good with comics. I don't have the endurance for 'em xD
Kuzumm Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD Neither do I much. I'm more of an animator you know? But I think comics would be a really good start.
SAMSXCS Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D`aww, he such a cutie pie!!! :iconomgsocuteplz: I really like his outfit~ :love:
viralremix Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
Awww, thank you.
He's so floofy, he's like a penguin xD
SAMSXCS Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish I could huggle him! X3
Quick question: Is that a scarf snake behind him? O_o
viralremix Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
It's a scarf. Sometimes he wears it, and sometimes it just follows him around xD
SAMSXCS Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That`s so cool! X3
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