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"A little more to the left."

The black-eyed boy scrambled back, eyes narrowed as he studied the positioning of the chair. He stood on his tip toes, then tilted his head to the left, then to the right, then crossed his arms and squinted. A part of him suggested this needed to be perfect if it was going to align with the position of the moon. He picked up his draft sheet and held it out in front of him... then turned it around, because it was upside-down.

"Like here?" called the purple-clad boy that huffed and ran a hand across his forehead, fingers brushing against the mask attached to the side of his neck. He grunted as he pushed against the chair again, the sound of bone scraping against flooring echoing through the hallways of the Necromancy building.

Samhain pointed. "No, there."

"You're pointing forward, Sammy!" the other huffed, flopping down onto the floor. With another heavy puff, Boo leaned his head back against the bone chair and let his strained muscles relax. "And how are you going to get away with putting this here? Isn't Priest Rax going to make you move it?"

The young necromancy student--or soon-to-be necromancy student--tapped his sleeved finger against his mouth. "Nah, I don't think he'll notice."

Boo gave him a strange look, then stood up, gesturing to the chair. "You really don't think Priest Rax will notice a giant bone chair sitting in the middle of the hallway?"

Samhain scrambled a couple of steps back again, running a hand back through sweat-drenched orange hair. Wow, putting together that chair was difficult, even though he'd had Boo's help! But no, it wouldn't be an impediment, would it? Priest Rax wouldn't have a problem with it. There was still about a foot of space to the left and the right of the chair, and that was enough room for the movement of traffic through the necromancy building. If there was any. He'd only met one other necromancy student.

"Nah, he won't notice," Samhain said, nodding in confidence.

Boo planted a hand on his face with a sigh and slowly let it fall down. Blocking the main hallway of the necromancy building was a custom-built (incoming freshman custom-built, if one was to be specific with these terms) grave bone chair. Rib bones made up the back of the chair, and tibulas and fibulas made up the arms, of course. Skulls lined the bottom of the throne, as it was much more comparable to that, and it allowed feet to be placed on the top of the skull, which signified a kingly posture. Dragon's teeth even lined the top of the throne! It was perfect, and the two incoming students had sat in the middle of the necromancy building's hallway for the last couple of hours, putting together this magnificent thing.

"It still needs to be moved to the left," Samhain said, pointing.

"You're pointing straight in front of you," said Boo. "How about you move it?"

"But I'm not the one who's channeling the strength of some stronger student!" the orange-haired boy huffed, stomping one white-clad foot. "It's fine where it is, we'll just leave it there." He approached the throne, then hopped up in the seat. After adjusting his position a couple of times, he finally found a comfortable one, then grabbed a loose bone sitting on the armrest. "I'm the King and you all have to listen to me! Every single skeleton!" He shouted, pointing.

"I don't think they're listening," Boo said, knocking on the gravestones that made up the wall.

"We should have put it somewhere so it could face a window," Samhain thought, leaning his face against the armrest. "Preferably a window that faces the graveyard. Then all those bones would know I'm their leader and they need to listen to me!"

"Excuse me," came a voice from behind.

Samhain turned around, then stood up on his toes to look over the top of the throne. Brunhilde stood there, her arms behind her back, a vicious smile on her face.

"Oh... hi, Brunnie."

"You're in my chair."

Samhain slunk off the throne, then grabbed Boo's arm and ran for the doorway.
OW: Throne of Bones
I watched Emperor's New Groove and laughed forever at the scene where Kuzco told Yzma to get out of his chair, and thought of A SIMILAR SITUATION. Brunnie in the bone throne. Stolen from Samhain and Boo. Because she is seniority.

Priest Rax is going to find that chair and just sort of wave his hand and all the bones are going to walk back to the graveyard lol

Samhain viralremix
Boo and Priest Rax Y0uko
Brunnie Yekrutslover
Awesome OW Stuff
14 deviations
OW: Samhain by viralremix
OW: Samhain
Look at this candycorn skeleton though

Bullet; Black Basic Information Bullet; Black
Name: Samhain
Age: 16 (though with holidays, it's questionable, their age can go back and forth depending on those who celebrate it)
Height: 5'5''
Species: Holiday ("Halloween Prince")
A holiday is a being brought into existence by the strong beliefs and enthusiasm of its celebrators. They stay strong and live as long as their holiday is celebrated. Though Samhain is named as he is, he is actually an incarnation of the holiday Halloween, along with a number of other ones. Extremely popular holidays, like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter all have multiple incarnations that are various ages. As a holiday starts disappearing in the minds of people, the holiday beings finally start to age until the point when they die out with the last person who would celebrate them.
:bulletorange: Minor Illusion Magic
:bulletorange: Minor Shapeshifting

Bullet; Black Academic Information Bullet; Black
Level: Beginner
Current Classes: NEC 101, NEC 102
Passed Classes: None
Experience: 0

Bullet; Black Personal Information Bullet; Black
:bulletorange: Pumpkins
:bulletorange: Bats, spiders, black cats
:bulletorange: Blood... toxic waste... slime
:bulletorange: Skeletons, zombies, werewolves, assorted creatures of the night
:bulletorange: Pretty much anything stereotypically Halloween, he enjoys.
:bulletorange: Candycorn colors, red, white, and black
:bulletorange: Oranges, though he sometimes calls them pumpkins and that can confuse people
:bulletorange: NIGHT TIME
:bulletorange: Graveyards. He is probably going to lurk around the necromancy graveyard.
:bulletorange: SNOW!
:bulletorange: The fact that he signed up for Otherworlde while Christmas is going on. But he'll wait. He'll wait...
:bulletorange: Being around people who don't celebrate Halloween
:bulletorange: Having to be smart
:bulletorange: Listening, but only because he gets distracted easily
:bulletorange: Candycanes
:bulletorange: Peppermint
:bulletorange: Spring and summertime, which is why he likes that the academy is almost always cold.
:bulletorange: Horror movies that are b-rated
:bulletorange: Plastic skeletons or bones, that kind of weirds him out
:bulletorange: Getting the bottom of his coat dirty, as it's very lightly colored at the bottom
:bulletorange: People forgetting about Halloween.
:bulletorange: Aging. It has to do with the first, as long as a lot of people celebrate, he won't age.
:bulletorange: Pumpkins ever being wiped out by a disease and never having them again

:bulletorange: He has a good potential for making friends, as he's a pretty easygoing and friendly critter.
:bulletorange: Empathizes well with others. Not completely lacking in social skills.
:bulletorange: Generally can get along with anyone, no matter what their personality is like.
:bulletorange: Doing little shows or plays based off famous horror movies
:bulletorange: Turning into a bat and sitting on people's shoulders.
:bulletorange: Sense of hearing is better than average.
:bulletorange: As a relative pacifist, he's pretty good at staying out of trouble or fights.
:bulletorange: Designing clothes. Within his range of preferences, of course.
:bulletorange: Picking up familiars. Animals that are associated with horror generally like him.
:bulletorange: Kind of dumb and scatterbrained. He tends to have a blank smile on his face while faking active listening.
:bulletorange: Not very good at problem solving, and relies on others to solve problems for him.
:bulletorange: Panicks easily. Learn to be fluid in "Panicky Sammy".
:bulletorange: If you see that blank smile and nod, he definitely didn't understand what you said.
:bulletorange: Doesn't remember important things very easily, which makes memorization hard for school.
:bulletorange: Too easily trusting and sometimes can't pick up on signals that someone might be using or manipulating him.
:bulletorange: Has a tendency to evesdrop. Sorry. He can't help it, he gets distracted by sounds.
:bulletorange: Changes the subject often when talking to him. It can be frustrating.
:bulletorange: Can sometimes bombard you with questions. He's very curious.
:bulletorange: Celebrate Halloween
:bulletorange: Learn something cool. Or maybe multiple things that are cool.
:bulletorange: Establish a Halloween Town with other supernatural critters... eventually

Personality: Samhain is a holiday incarnation that stumbled upon Otherworlde Academy when he heard that a massive Halloween celebration happened there. Unfortunately he ended up getting there a little late and now Christmas is starting. As a young holiday, he's curious and eager to make friends, though he can come off as a little dim-witted and dense. He enjoys being playful and spending time with those who share most of the same inclinations as he. His personality is best described by Excitable | Strange | Silly | Naive. His naive state is easy to take advantage of, though there isn't much that someone could really get from him - while he's willing to give just about all he has, he really doesn't have much of value.

History: Samhain was born in a cluster of holidays celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere. As Halloween celebrations and excitement overfilled the vitality of the existing Halloween holiday incarnations, another one was born, and was named Samhain for the religious holiday that originated the more simplistic celebration of Halloween. Holidays don't typically engage with those who celebrate them, so he and the other Halloween incarnations watched from afar, enjoying the celebrations and feeding off the vitality that they provided. 

During a typical day in the holiday's life, he overheard someone talking about a large celebration that went down on a spooky campus south of where he lived. While the celebrations around him were uplifting and exciting, he still craved seeing this "tremendous celebration"--as it had been explained--and explained to the others that he would be leaving to try to find the source of this rumor. They encouraged him to go but warned him that he should stay within close range of a Halloween celebration if he wanted to keep from aging. This didn't seem like much of an issue to him considering where he was going, so he happily trailed off in search of this grand celebration.

When he arrived on campus, he learned that he could participate in the studies as well, since he was a magical/supernatural creature. Naturally, he went with the classes that drew him the most, and is currently enjoying the prospect of learning from the skilled teachers and meeting new classmates. He eventually dreams of making enough friends and graduating with them, and going off to establish a town full of creatures like him (paranormal and magical) named Halloween Town, where the grandest celebrations ever would be held.

He might fail his classes a couple of times because they are too hard for him, but he'll try his best!

Misc. Information:
:bulletorange: He's missing a few teeth, so his smile can look a little bit off
:bulletorange: The horns will eventually grow!
:bulletorange: His hair naturally comes out that way. At the root it's orange, and as it grows out, it lightens to yellow, and finally to white.
:bulletorange: His eyes are pure black, so you can't tell which direction he's looking. It can be a bit offputting. 
:bulletorange: He brings a pumpkin to his classes.

Bullet; Black Roleplay Information Bullet; Black
Chatroom Availability: Low, but ping me if you want me there, I'm usually online.
IM Availability: Pretty much always on skype. Note me if you want my ID.
How did you find #OtherWorlde?: I made it ono

Otherworlde Academy is having a contest where you can win 8,000 :points:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 7.48.37 PM by viralremix

:iconsparklesplz: HOW TO WIN :iconsparklesplz:

:bulletwhite: Post a journal or a poll stating that :iconotherworlde: OtherWorlde is an RP group currently open for applications, and will be open through Dec 31, 2014. :bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: State that you are advertising for a chance to win 8000 :points: and link to this journal as a source :bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: As your entry, post a link to where you completed the above here on this journal. :bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: That's it! :bulletwhite:

What's more...

Anyone who puts you down as their referral to join the group will result in you receiving a 50 :points: referral bonus. So even if you don't win, you'll still get referral bonuses for each player you refer to the group!

The winner will be selected on Dec 31, 2014.
They will be randomly selected from the participants who put their valid entry links here on this journal.

Good luck!


You shall know the depth of my rage
You will not get any of my points
Don't bother asking


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