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*:・゚✧ Founder of OtherWorlde ✧・゚:*
*:・゚✧ Eater of worlds sushi ✧・゚:*
*:・゚✧ Roleplayer of many bizarre personalities ✧・゚:*
*:・゚✧ Game Developer ✧・゚:*

Hello! My name is Koss and I am generally
found in the wilds of Otherworlde. I enjoy
roleplaying my weird characters, watching
NetFlix, and working on my games (both future
and present). I am a pretty chill guy and like
to make friends with similar interests, though I
don't open up quickly, so you may need to be
patient with me.

I love my group, so come
join it if you like roleplaying!


★ friend sushi ★
These people are amazing. I'm proud to call them my closest friends.


g l i t c h » virus » expert student of OtherWorlde
× energetic × playful × excitable ×
♥ fiance of kaine ♥
★ tournament champion 2014 ★

o l e a n d e r » plaguewalker » advanced student of OtherWorlde
× vengeful × cautious × caring ×
♥ partner of casper ♥
★ hexing student teacher ★

s a m h a i n » holiday » beginner student of OtherWorlde
× strange × silly × friendly ×
♥ single ♥
★ purveyor of fine pumpkins ★

s i n c l a i r » blood demon » advanced student of OtherWorlde
× sarcastic × jaded × agitated ×
♥ partner of erin ♥
★ most frustrated student 2015 ★

h e l m y » shapeshifter » potions professor of OtherWorlde
× aggressive × proud × intelligent ×
♥ partner of chrono ♥
★ proud professor ★


h e l m s » shapeshifter » reflection of OtherWorlde
× teasing × confident × flirty ×
♥ partner of razik ♥
★ biggest flirt ★

m d r a k e » shadowmancer » shadowmancy professor of OtherWorlde
× antisocial × proud × protective ×
♥ single ♥
★ he probably doesn't like you ★

d r a k e » shadowmancer » dweller in OtherWorlde
× bashful × clumsy × anxious ×
♥ single ♥
★ most improved 2014 ★

c h i p » virus » pain in the ass in OtherWorlde
× sly × obnoxious × creepy ×
♥ single ♥
★ Kichi's #1 Fan ★

r o n n i e » shadowmancer » dweller of OtherWorlde
× friendly × boisterous × flirty ×
♥ single ♥
★ friendliest person ever ★


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.: OW - Studying and Essay Writing :. by Kawa-MucchiChibi (1) viralremix by fuyushikiOTW: Viral gift Drake by angelz-devilOW: Stalk stalk talk by AnimeNeko123:thumb507947235:Chrono and Helmy by shizen1102The Throne  by Y0ukoColeander Pagedoll by dev-lish.: OtherWorlde - Greeting Kiss :. by Kawa-MucchiOTW: Sketch Dump II by angelz-devilOW: mini portraits by PokeFreak413:thumb504471225:.: OW - Mew Year's Day :. by Kawa-MucchiOTW: Merry Christmas Helmy! by angelz-devilSecret Santa, The Sequel by YekrutsloverMistletoe Eclair by dev-lishThe Holiday by Y0ukoSecret Santa for Sinclair by glorypaintGR:OW: Secret Santa - Helmy by TheLostArtsBirthday Hat mDrake by KittrexViruses by rezuri-donoOTW: SketchDump I by angelz-devilFor the Last Time by KittrexOW: First Encounter | Page 1 by ErangotGlitch's Gift by MoeMoe-MomoOW - SHD 302 by JeanaWeiInktober 1- MDrake Headshot by KittrexVirtue and Rayven by Rndom-ObsessionsELM 202: Assignment 1 [page 2] by angelz-devilUBER LATE BIRTHDAY DOOLDES by Darkthare[ow] Glitch by dev-lish[OTHERWORLDE] Oh no...! by Hotoki-chan124Koss Birthday Sketch Dump by angelz-devilGlitch Chibi by KittrexAttack On Wubs! by TruffleButterGlitchbat by Ju5tAB0r3d1[ow] Dion - Tournament Introduction by dev-lishLittle Researcher  by KittrexPainted to Life by KittrexSpring Traps in Spring by KittrexI'm No Soldier by KittrexOleander by rezuri-donoBathtub Wisdom by DarkthareZavix and Glitch doodles by DarkthareHis friends by DarkthareBother by DarkthareThat is nasty by DarkthareOtherworlde sketches by DarkthareI'M NOT CUTE, HONEST! by TruffleButterDate Night With MDrake! by TruffleButterGah! by TruffleButterShadowmancy 104 Assignment: 1 by augustablak

Technically, this is the BlueBlueFox Box

OW: A Rainy Day CollectionPolar Drops
It didn't have to be a special day to want to do something for his partner. Right?
A rare warm day to the campus brought rain with it. Warm rain, much like the storm he had met up in the mountains, before it had grown frigid over the school. Yet today as the deluge fell on the campus, ushering students inside, the young weather mage remained outside. He didn't wander far from home at the potionsmaking building, where Helmy was still in the midst of teaching his class, letting the rain drench him and the black/white clothes he wore. He knew how Helmy insisted he change up his wardrobe, which explained the turtleneck sweater and the black slacks with his boots and gloves.
Yet the clothing was so thick, he didn't feel the water soak in -- except on the back of his neck, glistening in his hair, coating his face. When he heard class get dismissed, and saw students begin to head out, he held his arms out, pressing his energy out into the falling rain. The drops fro
OW: Re- Lightning Strikes [Family]There was something different about that day.
He sensed it as soon as he woke up -- there was a static in the air that didn't belong to his partner, even though he lay curled up next to him. It was still dark in the room, darker than it should be in the midmorning. Of course with how dark the Shadowmancy building was, it was a surprise at the gray that just seemed to seep into the room. However, he didn't seem to try and worry about it too much, instead blinking slowly and moving, bracing his hand against Glitch's back, keeping him close.
A soft purr greeted him, before the green-haired virus shifted his head in order to look up at Kaine. His claws kneaded gently against Kaine's top, against his side. The movement of pressure to his skin and side had the elder one slowly relaxing, his eyes falling half shut. "Morning to you, too," he murmured, lips finding the top of Glitch's forehead, planting a kiss against it, running his hand along Glitch's spine.
Giggles erupted in the air, before
OW: Here's to a New YearHonestly, he didn't think he'd have had to work so hard on this little home when they got into the room. Though honestly, he really didn't have to, with his reflection helping out. Sometimes it was good to be on good terms with oneself. The last bit of the month of December, once grades were in and diplomas handed out, was spent in the Alternate Room, working side by side with his reflection at getting a quaint little house created. Izzy helped out too, using his shadows to help create little things, such as furniture and whatnot, and it was on the thirty-first when the last nail was driven into the home.
Maybe they should have had a housewarming party, invited Mirage and Ben and Kaine and Morpheus... that would have been fun, right? Yet the exhaustion was apparent on both Atlante and Atla's bodies, and Izzy couldn't ask either of them to be a host for something. mIzzy himself just sat to the side in an intense staring fit with Atlante and Izzy's child, Myst, who sucked on a frozen tee
OW: Guess What Holiday it is Today!It was a strange set up. Three people to one room was hard, especially with one bed but they... managed.
"Guys!" A loud voice broke the quiet of the morning. "Guys! Hey, wake up!" The owner jumped and landed on the bed in a puff of his coat, causing it to bounce, and the two others to jolt awake. It was a mass panic for a moment, full of feathers flying around and flailing limbs. Candy corn joined in and someone almost fell out of the bed, but eventually they sat there, two people asleep and one of them not even worried by what it was he had done. Once he was sure he had their attention, he leaned forward, giving them a gap-toothed grin. "Guess what holiday it is today?!"
"...does it... really matter?" The smallest of their group asked, giving Samhain a weary look, before looking to the third member of their party. It was as if he was asking silently, We were woken for this?
Samhain gasped, as if almost insulted, and leaned in close. "Of course it does! Why would you even ask th
Christmas 'Round the Worlds, V: OtherworldeSome of the things that were on the list of this friend of his happened to be... very violent. So he just went with some other traditional gift for the odd friend he'd made in the passing of homework griping. Many things had been done over the course of the month of December -- his Secret Santa gift aside, of course.
They'd met once or twice here or there, but often times Sinclair had to make the first exit. Mirage's "rotten" blood smell often got on the blood demon's nerves, making his usual frown enhance itself into a building scowl, and then a grimace before excusing himself. Hopefully this wouldn't be the case, at least for today, for the amount of time it would take to deliver the present.
Due to the rare sunlight that shone on the day of Christmas, the creature he had in the hole-punched box was very much asleep. Perfect, because back when he'd first gotten the thing, it made quite the noise of flailing and screeching. The Chronomancer's ears still rang, he could swear, and he wo
White NoiseSomeone had messed with his radio again.
As he stepped into the room, a long evening of classes depleting most of his energy, keen ears picked up on the sounds coming from the archaic instrument in the corner of the office. Dark was the room, showing that the culprit who changed it had momentarily disappeared -- and with a sigh, the young professor dropped the bag to the floor of the room, running his hand through messy brown hair.
Judging by the sound of the channel -- electronic dance music, EDM, trance, all the many names it went by -- his partner was the one who had stopped by recently. “He should know my schedule by now,” the figure murmured into the dark, passing through the room, steely shoes clicking on the hardened surface.
Chained hands clinked as he reached up, grasped airy black curtains between his digits. Like always, he stopped there, feeling the fabric against fingers. There were memories locked here, judging by singe marks that had stayed with it since his
OW: Father's DayHe might be a really good artist in the future.
Morpheus spent much of his time while he was ill doing art. Mostly drawing, and often on scraps of paper that Kaine had discarded in the office or around the room. A cluttered desk is a sign of genius, some said, but Morpheus liked to think his father was just frustrated to the point of ripping something up.
Frustrated with what, he didn't know, and felt it probably best he didn't ask.
However he heard of a thing in some books he read while not drawing. Something called Father's Day, and something about it being on the second Sunday of June? Either way, checking a calendar when he was able to move around the room without dizziness or vertigo led him to realizing just how close the day was.
He had to do something. Not just for Kaine... but for someone else. Someone else he figured just as important -- another father figure.
As far as the boy was concerned, his biological parent in Glitch could go rip himself an asshole and fuck himself --
Re: FriendsWhite day. The day of reciprocation, when one who received gifts on the day of Valentine’s one month prior, returned the sentiments. When the first day of March arrived, it struck him with a thunderous clarity – he should do something for his roommate, who had solidified their friendship. Who had picked him up from loneliness, dusted him off, and tugged him back to this path of joy he walked so precariously.
So here he was, back in his tiny corner of the potions library. While others rushed around in colorful blurs to work on their final projects of the term, he had put his out of his mind, for the time being. The only thing he could not put out of his mind was the tiny black tear huddling in the collar of his cloak, watching everything with wide white eyes as he held open a book in his hands. He could afford procrastination, he’d already passed all of his classes… and this was for a good reason, anyway.
Though he couldn’t help but to sigh, flipping throu


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