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Helmy + Chrono

Chrono and Helmy by shizen1102 Grab Bag | viralremix by Erangot

When you find a love against all odds
that makes the past seem worth it


Chip, Byte, and Glitch
by pidie


by Getanimated



Razik was right on one count, for certain - Sinclair didn't have much of a relationship with his familiar. The bony little creature followed him around when he moved between his dorm room and the campus, but he didn't know much about it. Unlike other familiars he'd seen, it didn't seem capable of talking. It didn't even appear to have a bottom jaw, just the top, and large, sunken eyes. If he could trade it in for another familiar, he would, but Sinclair figured it was far too late in the game to think of such things.

While the blood demon didn't care much to compete against Neos (frankly, the thought of competition bored him in general, and no amount of riling up from Razik was going to change that), he did have questions about his familiar... namely, what use it was to him. It seemed like other familiars could speak or they could fight in some way, and mouths full of sharp teeth were generally required for fighting. His familiar had tiny claws on the end of its wings, but it would be awkward and bulky to fight with them--not worth it at all.

Sinclair sighed as he sat in one of the lounge chairs in the castle. This was his favorite place to go to just marinate in his thoughts, as it was close to his classes and the fire in the middle of the room was warm and comforting. Sitting on the panel surrounding the fire was a mug of blood, kept warm in its location. The chair was large and plush, yet suitable only for one person, and his familiar perched on the top of the chair, keeping watch or doing whatever the hell that thing did.

Explore each other's strengths and weaknesses. Meditate on your bond.

He grunted. What bond? The only bond he could see was the fact that this weird thing followed him around all the time. And he was frustrated because he felt like he still hadn't learned much in terms of magic, while everyone else was learning so much more quickly. He was in his third year, taking third year classes, and he still didn't know offensive spells or anything he could use to defend himself. Maybe he had chosen wrong in going with magic languages - maybe instead of going toward his comfort zone of blood magic, he should have gone with something like elementalism or shadowmancy. At least then he'd feel like he accomplished something.

I'm frustrated, Razik. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing with this familiar. It doesn't do anything interesting, and it isn't helping me with magic because I don't know any magic. I'm still stuck with all the skills I started with when I entered the academy. I don't know any blood spells or anything my familiar could be helping me with.

What's the point of having a familiar? I thought they were supposed to make you stronger and boost your magic. At the rate this is going, it seems more like familiars are just glorified pets. I wouldn't expect a cat or a fish to improve my magic or help me fight, and this doesn't seem to be much different. How am I supposed to bond with something that seems barely aware of its own existence?

The frustration grew stronger, making the blood demon clench his fists in agitation. He wondered if this is what Razik had been hoping from him, to realize that this bond was weak and pointless and it was probably impossible to bond with this creature anyway. Like, maybe if he put a bunch of effort in, he could train the skeletal bat to take messages to people, but what good would that do? It wasn't like that was aiding him in magic, and if he had a message for someone, he could go and tell it to their face like expected.

The skeletal bat fluttered onto the edge of the fire and inspected the mug that sat there. It was just like any other stupid animal, interested in food despite the fact that it was dead and didn't eat or drink anything. Sinclair wondered if Razik would fail him if he just killed his familiar and tried finding another one. A better one, one that actually did something useful and didn't act like every other dumb creature on the planet. Or maybe he was better off letting Razik fail him, and just leaving the familiars track to do something that'd actually have meaning. At least then he wouldn't have this thing following him all the time, the sound of its wings flapping getting on his nerves whenever he heard it hovering near the back of his head.

I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. I can't bond with animals. I don't even like them. Where are people getting these familiars that have human intelligence and boost their magic abilities, or hell, even give them abilities? At the rate this is going I might as well trade this damn thing for an elementalism charm, because then I'd at least have one spell to cast if I had to fight.

He wondered if his familiar could hear him, or sense his frustration. If there was some sort of bond between them, even if he struggled to grasp it himself, surely his familiar would be able to sense that he was considering the possibility of killing it and giving up? But the creature didn't seem to care at all. It just poked at the mug, nudging it closer and closer to the edge of the panel, until a sudden crash left blood and shattered mug pieces spilling out around Sinclair's boots.

Maybe it wasn't even possible to kill it. Maybe that's why this thing didn't care about his thoughts. It was dead anyway, wasn't it? How could someone kill what was already dead? Maybe he expected some sort of reaction, some sort of flicker of intelligence in the being that was supposedly connected to him, but perhaps the irony all along was that the creature did know and simply didn't care, because his thoughts were no threat to it.

Sinclair had no fucking idea. Help me out here, because I'm about five seconds from giving up on this.
Scythe by viralremix
Batty by viralremix
Real quick doodle before I settle in and watch Netflix LOL
Light spread across a red-marked sheet of paper as the skeletal boy held it up. His black eyes had narrowed in a squint as he stared at it. The runes seemed awfully faded, and he could barely make them out. He would have thought a spell to summon a spirit from the dead would require bold, intense lines and shapes. Right? That made the most sense--

Professor Rax took the paper out of Samhain's hands and turned it over. "You're looking at the wrong side."

Samhain blinked at the bright red runes in his face now. "Oh, thank you! That looks better!"

"It's upside-down too."

With a heavy pause, the skeletal boy slowly turned the paper 180 degrees. He didn't see the difference in the runes - in fact, they looked much like they had a moment ago, but then he noticed a little arrow in the corner that said 'this side up.' Oh. Well, maybe the runes should have come with better instructions. He wasn't expected to try reading them, was he? So surely Professor Rax didn't expect him to see if there was an arrow on the side.

The professor looked at him for a couple more moments then shook his head, moving onto the next student. Samhain, a smile on his face, placed the paper down onto the ground carefully, then stood up and stared at it. Professor Rax hadn't said anything about how to activate the runes. The actual runes were in front of him, made by blood on the dusty ground. The paper was a smaller version, one they were expected to study after the class was over. Or perhaps Professor Rax expected the students to recreate the runes, but Samhain's artistry skills weren't that impressive... it was hard to understand such complex designs anyway.

"Now, everyone, I want you to prick your finger and let a drop of blood land on the runes in front of you when it's your turn to summon a spirit. Who wants to go first?"

Samhain's hand shot into the air. "Meeeee!"

Professor Rax studied him for a heartbeat. "Okay, go."

"How do I prick my finger?"

"... Usually you do that with a sharp object. There's a ceremonial knife right there - you can use ceremonial knives in summoning to strengthen the magic in your blood."

Samhain toddled over to the display of shiny knives with their fancy hilts. Some of them were silver, with elaborate vines curling around their base, and others were gold, unusual runes etched into the soft material. After a moment's hesitation, Samhain reached out and took a gold one, then skittered back over to the circle. He then jammed the knife into his palm, making the students next to him wince.

Professor Rax raised an eyebrow. "I did say prick your finger, but I suppose that works too... let the blood drip onto the runes. And don't miss, or you have to do it again."

Samhain looked at his hand. "It's not working."

"What do you mean, it's not working?"

"It's not working."

"Repeating what you said doesn't change anyth--never mind." The professor realized that arguing with someone who seemed to have a mere two brain cells to rub together was fruitless. He stepped around the edge of the circle and approached Samhain from behind. "What do you need help with?"

The skeletal boy held up his hand. In the center, there was an indentation, much like what it'd look like if a knife pushed into gel. Besides that, the white hand was unmarred. The boy wiggled his fingers, making the black markings on the back of his hand shift and move.

"Do you not have blood?" Professor Rax stared.

Samhain shrugged. "I don't know. I've never bled. Not like how you guys with soft skin do!"

A couple of murmurs rose up from the crowd around him. Soft skin? What did that mean? But as Professor Rax took the student's hand and looked at it, it became apparent what the issue was - there was a soft, malleable surface on the boy's hand, but beneath it, a substance hard as bone. Actually, that probably was bone, based on the way that he looked.

This perplexed Professor Rax. Of course, there were ways to activate runes without the use of blood, but it was still an unusual situation. "You're alive, right? You're not just a skeleton?" The weird state of his body seemed to imply the former. His hands weren't skeletal per se, as he had seen plenty of skeleton hands in his day, of course -- what would be expected from a necromancy professor? They seemed almost bulbous.

"Pretty sure I am!" A wide, blank smile faced the professor. He sighed.

"Do you breathe? Or have a heartbeat?"

"Yes and yes, to both counts!" The glazed look still remained.

Professor Rax leaned against his scythe. He'd have to look into this later - specifically to see if he could control the skeleton boy the way he could with actual skeletons. But for now, he didn't want to hold the class up any longer with debating why this student's biology was so weird. "Right... come to my office after class. In the meantime--"

"AM I IN TROUBLE?" Sleeved hands pressed against the boy's white face as his mouth formed into a large 'o' shape. "What'd I do? It's cause I can't bleed, right?"

Oh, this was going to be a long term, Professor Rax just knew it. "No, you're not in trouble--"

"Oh! Great!"

"--stop interrupting me."

"Sorry!" Samhain made a motion of zipping across his mouth.

After waiting a moment to see if the boy would suddenly interject with something else, Professor Rax continued. "If you have something liquid then you can activate the runes that way. Spit would work, though that's rather disgusting. Even more importantly, don't urinate on my runes. How about a drink? Do you bring any?"

Samhain had tilted his head curiously at the statement 'don't urinate on my runes,' but he nodded and took a small bottle out of his cloak. A pumpkin was plastered on the front of the bottle, a horrified look on its face while a needle pulled its innards from its body. Professor Rax stared at the image on the bottle with bewilderment, then gestured forward. "Pour some of it out onto the runes."

"Mmm!" The boy uncorked the bottle and allowed a bit of the orange liquid to dribble out of the top. It splashed against the runes, and in reaction the garnet-colored markings began to glow a bright, dangerous red. He then poured a few drops on the piece of paper containing the runes he'd been given, making the professor roll his eyes. The intensity of the glow increased, then suddenly a black shadow ripped from the center of the rune circle, its glowing red eyes searching out the person--or weird ass thing--that had summoned it. As it settled in front of Samhain, it slowly formed into a human shape, though with twisted horns and a broken jaw, it looked more demonic than human.

"Wow! What the hell is wrong with that thing's jaw?" Samhain burst out, his black eyes wide.

Professor Rax whacked him in the back of the head with a quick smack. "Don't insult the spirits you summon!"

"Oops, sorry! I think your face is beautiful! Yep..."

The spirit narrowed its eyes, then lashed out with claws that glowed red. The claws sliced across the front of the boy's cloak, digging deep in until a sudden screech could be heard. The spirit then disappeared back into the center of the rune circle, and one could swear a string of profanity followed it.

"That was not unexpected, but are you okay?" Professor Rax asked, looking at the student in concern.

"Oh yeah," Samhain said, looking down the front of his shirt. "It didn't get past the bone."

So that's what that screeching was - the sound of claws scraping across bone. Professor Rax pressed his fingers against the front of his face then looked to the student who stood to Samhain's left, a tall fellow in a suit. He had a bad feeling about the remainder of the quarter, and what would happen in future classes if that student stayed with his department. Why did all the weirdos have to go with necromancy?

He just didn't know. "Would you like to go next? And please, take a hint from this demonstration and don't insult the spirit you summon, or it might try killing you - and actually succeed, as you look softer and squishier than this one does."
NEC 101 Spiritual Communication
1431 words.

I wrote a thing and now I am really hungry OTL

Samhain the damn idiot is mine :iconviralremix:
Professor Rax is :icony0uko:'s
Vague mentions of Cal 8D :iconanimeneko123:
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