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A bunch of weird personalities
Look at this baby omg Oleander is so cute he was made by :icongetanimated:

omg look at this baby

He is my favorite right now baaaaaby

CM: viralremix pt.4 by Rndom-Obsessions
A potionsmaking professor that's a huge bag of dicks.

CM: viralremix pt.3 by Rndom-Obsessions
Do you know anything more more annoying than Glitch? Probably not.

CM: viralremix pt.1 by Rndom-Obsessions
A little flower that likes danger and adventure.

CM: viralremix pt.2 by Rndom-Obsessions
A derpy firemancer who'd just love your attention.

CM: viralremix pt. 5 by Rndom-Obsessions
Who's that fussy baby? Oh. Right. Him.

Why are you so special you get your own icon, you asshole shadowmancy teacher?


The blood demon's eyes were bloodshot as he stared out the window.

He had spent a month in the Blood Dormitory so far, where blood flowed under the crystalline surface of the rooms. The walls, ceiling, floor--everything was made of crystal, and he could feel the blood just centimeters away. It called out to him--as if it were trapped--and he longed to break the barrier between himself and the blood that needed rescuing.

He swore he hadn't noticed it before. Sure, he'd glanced around when he'd toted his possessions into the room, but his room mate distracted him enough that he'd given the walls and ceiling a brief sentence or two in thought before moving onto much more important things. Such as making sure that he drew the same line in the sand between his section of the room and Theon's, and enforced said line to ensure his room mate wouldn't cross over into his space. He remembered pausing in the process of drawing, staring down at the crystal, its shiny surface catching his eye. The red flowing beneath it seemed like faraway decor, something he could nod at in appreciation of the design, but not something that truly commanded his attention.

Until now.

Sinclair could hear whispers coming from the blood all around him. The words were incomprehensible, like conversations heard too far away, but he could sense they were in a language he understood, though he couldn't promise it was English. It was something familiar, enough that the cadences played upon his ears and tugged at drawstrings in his memories. Words that sounded just right, even if they didn't have definitions. Words that belonged to a language family despite having no meaning.

He shivered and grasped the edge of the window. His claws scraped against crystal. His temperature ran hot, yet his body shook with chills. If he knew better, he should just go back to his bed and wrap himself in blankets and hope that the sickness Theon gave him would go away eventually. But it only seemed to have gotten worse since that slimy ass nugget bit him a few nights ago. And how was one expected to react to that? Suddenly woken up with a sharp pain in his neck--he wanted to deck Theon for getting anywhere close to him in the first place, let alone know that green slime ball's mouth had been anywhere near his skin.

Part of the benefit of being a blood demon meant he could keep check on the foreign bodies in his blood. He knew there was something--multiple somethings--floating around in there now, destroying the purity it once had. Nasty foreign bodies that soiled his perfect blood. He found himself unable to eat, unable to sleep, because of the sick feeling that spread through his stomach and his skin and down every extremity he had. Why feed a body that was tainted? Why drink blood that would then become impure with these pathogens? The blood he could find on this campus must have been tainted by the pathogens anyway.

His claws dug into the crystal more. He wanted revenge.

Sinclair waited until Theon had returned from whatever hell hole he spent his day in. He was unusually happy and prattled about something Sinclair didn't care about--something about the alternate room. He hadn't been in the alternate room so he didn't see why he should care. Somehow he had managed to move himself away from the window and wrapped himself in blankets again, much as he'd expected to do before. But now he was just waiting, like a snake beneath the brush, for his victim to be unsuspecting of his malicious intention.

Theon had quieted down but the voices were booming around him. The little fairy creature didn't seem to care, suggesting to Sinclair that it was all in his head. Blood shouted at him from behind its crystalline prison, demanding that he free it. He closed his eyes and tried to block out the screaming, though it grew and grew in his ears. Was madness a symptom of his disease?

Time was a strange, flexible thing, and when Sinclair opened his eyes again, he found the room dark. Theon had gone to bed, and the voices had declined into a quiet whisper. Claws digging into the fabric of his blankets, Sinclair worried that the voices would notice he was awake again and demand his attention, though he didn't fully understand what they wanted from him.

Then he remembered his plan.

Anger bubbled up from his stomach, and suddenly everything seemed sharper and more painful than before. The lights were dim, but even the glow of the moon against the crystal seemed like a stab through his eyes. He gritted his teeth and wondered if they would break. The moon had lit a path for him, a straight line from his bed to Theon's. Some god on high approved of his vengeful desires, a man on the moon whose head nodded in brief accede.

He crossed the path laid out for him and sunk his teeth into Theon's arm.

For once, the room fell to silence.
Consumption: Voices
A tiny contribution to the Consumption game 8D

The virus curled his claws and held them up with a playful growl. "Thunderstorms happen for a number of reasons! Here, here, let me tell you a story." He gestured for Izzy to sit down on one of the desks they were lingering by. As he was the only one in this particular course, which also happened to be the last in the department, everyone had wandered off, leaving the two alone. Normally this would leave Izzy a bit suspicious--because who actually wanted to be left alone with Glitch in a room?--but the student teacher was a bit more behaved than usual, so perhaps those worries were unfounded for now.

"All right," the black and green student said, plopping down on one of the desks as Izzy leaned against one. That wasn't quite sitting, but it would do for now. "Let's imagine it's a regular day... a beautiful day! A day where nothing particularly interesting is happening, but yet you can FEEL the WRATH ON THE AIR!"

Izzy looked at him like what the fuck, but Glitch didn't seem to notice. Or if he did, he was used to that expression from pretty much everyone by this point in his life. Why even bother acting normal when he could unleash his fascinating personality on all of these unsuspecting victims?

"Okay, so--don't I tell the best stories?" Glitch hopped off the desk and created some electricity between his hands. "The weather was going to do something CRAZY and everyone could tell! But who knew where the thunderstorm would come from? Oh, that's the point of our story, isn't it? Well, the air was calm but heightened by tension and static. Clouds rolled overhead--I changed tenses, didn't I?"

"Just get to the point," Izzy said with a wave of his hand. He didn't expect his student teacher to be a proficient writer. It didn't seem like Glitch was that interested in telling stories normally anyway, so why should this be any different? Besides, he wasn't going to fuss over spoken grammar. That was about as pretentious as one could get.

"Oh, all right. So, clouds rolled overhead, threatening to boil over! Then, suddenly, there was a ZAP of electricity! It was lightning! And do you know where the lightning came from?"

Izzy rolled his eyes. "Where?" he asked. He was going to get some Wikipedia info-dump now, wasn't he? That was the problem with having a student perpetually connected to the internet.

"THOR AND IRON MAN WERE HAVING A FIGHT!" Glitch shouted so loudly that students walking past the room stopped and looked in to see if someone were dying. "Thor shot electricity at Iron Man, and Iron Man was like fuck this, and shot it right back. And the sudden dispersal of all of that energy charged the ions in the clouds, and--"

Izzy face-palmed. "Glitch, Thor and Iron Man don't actually exist."

"Can you prove it?" The student stared at him intently. Because he'd seen the movies and he knew they existed. After all, one could find virtually anything fictional in existence here on the academy, so why wouldn't super heroes be real too? No one tried to tell vampires or faeries that they weren't real. Heck, he'd like to see someone tell Izzy that he wasn't real. That would surely go over well.

"You can't prove a negative," the teacher grumbled. "How about you answer the question seriously? What causes a thunderstorm?"

Glitch was silent for a couple of seconds, lacing his claws together. He had his goggles pushed up into his hair, as he tended to do when inside of buildings due to how dark they made his vision, and his expression was eerily serious and thoughtful. He then stood up and approached a window, one that faced the southern sky. Izzy recognized that - it meant that the student teacher was searching for a signal to connect to satellites orbiting the earth. A scientific definition was sure to follow shortly. "Well, I suppose if you want a more serious response, I could give you one."

"Please." More hand-waving.

"So." The student tilted his head back and stared at the ceiling. "Well, first, you need a large cloud made up of unstable air. When particles brush against each other, they create charges, see? The positive charges are near the top of the cloud while the negative ones are at the bottom, and then opposites attract--AND ZEUS SENDS HIS MIGHTY WRATH IN THE FORM OF A LIGHTNING BOLT DOWN ONTO THE PUNY HUMANS ON THE EARTH!"

The student teacher sent a lightning bolt down at the ground at his feet, which then split into a bunch of human shapes that ran away waving their arms in fear.

Izzy held one finger up, mouth open for a fraction of a second. "Close enough..."

"Yes!" Glitch said, clapping his hands and running out of the room. "I knew Zeus existed!"
ELM 403 Where do thunderstorms come from?
818 words.

Help my character has too much energy.
Somebody stop him!
ELM 401 Tamaglitchi by viralremix
ELM 401 Tamaglitchi

Izzy turned Glitch into electricity, but he still wanted to interact with people so he took over a cell phone Tamagotchi app
So now you have a tamaglitchi

I wonder who will take care of him for five days LOL
don't use the clean icon on him
Happy Birthday Haku by viralremix
Happy Birthday Haku

mDrake thinks that scarves are the height of fashion, so he made you a scarf.
It has eyes on it.
Those eyes glare at people when Haku is unhappy with them 8D soprettymuchalways
Even the snake has a scarf laughs

mDrake looks so fucking bored lmfao
:bulletred: RESULTS!

Everyone's entry was REALLY GREAT! You all really had outstanding ideas ;u; I loved all of the entries and it was so much fun seeing all of the different clothing designs. Thank you so much for entering my contest - it was a lot of fun, especially being the third one to run for clothing!! But! The cash needs delivery, so let's see the rankings...

Glitch's Outfit by Irwar by
This design was SUPER creative and stood out as the most original. It fits his species and personality, as well as his aesthetic interests while still being fun to look at. The concept behind it is adorable and creative and the 404 on the back of the jacket is a nice touch.

Glitch's Clothing Design - Contest by freelex30 by :iconfreelex30:
This costume definitely hits the majority of his interests! The cloak design is very sleek and interesting, and the glowing bottom half of the outfit is a nice touch, especially with how much he likes glows. The collar portion is interestingly designed and the subtle use of accents really suits him.

Glitch Outfit Submission 2 by Murder-Ball 
by :iconmurder-ball:
The second design, specifically - it's an interesting way to make a cloak. I like the way everything is segmented and the minimalistic design still works well with the color scheme. The faint circuit board on the green in the center is a very nice touch!

Glitchdesgin contest by hikkarei by
This was a tough one, because a lot of entries tied for fourth, but I have to say this one gets the spot because he LOVES that green cloak.


Glitch Outfit Submission 1 by Murder-Ball by
This one has an honorable mention because Glitch's mirror form loves that outfit.

Quiet Please by blackwinterraven by :iconblackwinterraven:
Also getting an honorable mention because his mirror form loves this outfit too.

Contest - Glitch Outfit Design by LoneOwlRogue
$5 door prize to :iconloneowlrogue:

Glitch is American's Next Top Model by Rndom-Obsessions
$10 door prize to :iconrndom-obsessions:

Glitch Clothes Design by FlaminiaKennedy
100 dA Points door prize to :iconflaminiakennedy:

CE: Glitch Clothing Design by PastelPlaytime
200 dA Points door prize to :iconpastelplaytime:

50 dA points prize to :iconmaimcmuffin:
50 dA points prize to :iconevolbmo:
50 dA Points prize to :iconadenchan:
100 dA Points prize to :iconmangatiger:

------------------------ CONTEST PRESERVED BELOW ------------------------

:bulletgreen: Introduction :bulletgreen:

It was nearing time for the new term to begin, and as always, Glitch wanted to change his outfit... 

Round 3: Glitch vs Kaine (Page 27) by viralremix
After all, that one got a little wrecked in the tournament. Oops.

And why not? He would be earning his degree in Elementalism the next term, and who wouldn't want to look absolutely STUNNING for graduation? Surely not him, as looking into obtaining interesting clothing for graduation was a high priority. 

:bulletgreen: CONTEST DESCRIPTION :bulletgreen:

This is a drawing contest where you design a new outfit for Glitch, the elementalism student teacher of :iconotherworlde:! He tends to change his outfit often and he's looking for a couple new ones to add to his closet. Therefore, your task -- if you choose to accept it -- is to design a new outfit for Glitch to proudly wear in the next term, when he plans to earn his academy degree.

Simply draw Glitch in an outfit of your design and you'll be eligible for many possible prizes!

END DATE: September 20, 2014

:bulletgreen: PRIZES :bulletgreen:
The good part, right?

FIRST PLACE -- $100.00 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 8,000 dA Points)
SECOND PLACE -- $75.00 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 6,000 dA Points)
THIRD PLACE -- $50.00 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 4,000 dA Points)
FOURTH PLACE -- $25.00 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 2,000 dA Points)

HONORABLE MENTIONS -- As many as there need to be
$10.00 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 800 dA Points)

DOOR PRIZES -- A random entrant is selected for each prize, regardless of their placing
$5 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 400 dA Points)
$10 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 800 dA Points)
100 dA Points
200 dA Points

ADVERTISING PRIZES -- Prizes given to a random person who Favorites this Journal
50 dA Points
50 dA points
50 dA Points
100 dA Points

How are placings decided?
Both drawing skill and clothing design are equally important, however, if neck to neck, clothing design shall win out.

:bulletgreen: ENTERING YOUR CONTEST SUBMISSION :bulletgreen:

To enter your submission, comment here on this journal with a link to your entry Deviation. Please link to the contest in your deviation description.

There are no limits to the number of designs you may submit.

:bulletgreen: SUGGESTIONS AND TIPS :bulletgreen:
This is a clothing design contest, and it matters what Glitch's tastes are, right? Hopefully we wouldn't put him in something he'd dislike...

First, who is he? Here is his profile:
OW: Glitch (Expert) by viralremix
You can learn a lot about him there.

- Green and Black
- No, seriously, he rarely wears anything that isn't green and black. Maybe an accent color, but he's picky.
- Technological / digital designs
- If it looks like it came out of Tron, he'd probably love it
- New goggles. Because Kaine destroyed his.
- Cloaks. Long sleeveless shirts. Anything that's loose and doesn't cling to him.

- Other colors. They might function as accents, but he really only likes yellow and white as accents. Maybe aqua or cyan.
- Weapons - he's weak and probably couldn't pick them up anyway.
- Tight clothes, or anything constricting, or restricting of his agility
- Anything getting stuck on his spikes -- he hates shoes, he dislikes pants (but he's a sexless being, so no worries), sleeves would get stuck on his elbow spikes

PROTIP: He's an electrical being, so you could draw him using electricity!

:bulletgreen: ENTRIES :bulletgreen:

Glitch Clothing Contest Entries by RaisloverSakuraGlitch's Clothing Design Contest (Scanned) by EvolBMOGlitch Design by DarkthareGlitch Clothes Contest Entry by KeathaGlitch by AeronDustGlitch is American's Next Top Model by Rndom-ObsessionsGlitch Clothes Design by FlaminiaKennedyGlitch Outfit Submission 1 by Murder-BallGlitch Outfit Submission 2 by Murder-BallCE - Glitch by theamazingwrabbitContest entry: Glitch by EltyriaCE: Glitch Clothing Design by PastelPlaytimeContest Entry for viral Remix by ClashoftheBunniesGlitch's Clothing Design - Contest by freelex30Glitch design competition by ATadMadQuiet Please by blackwinterraven<da:thumb id="482417648"/>Contest- ViralRemix glitch design by BaothghalachGlitch's Outfit by 8NoahGlitch by He-deGlitch's Clothing Contest Entry by SakuraCat-KimGlitch's Outfit by Irwarfor Glitch's Clothing Contest by nuyanataContest - Glitch Outfit Design by LoneOwlRogueGlitch's Clothing Contest Design by LaceWingedSabyContest Entry : Glitch's Clothing Contest by SuketIlangGlitch CE by HarpoonSwindlerGlitch Contest Outfit by konrei-samaClothing contest by DeadlytwinsCONTEST ~ GLITCH by A-lan-naGlitchdesgin contest by hikkarei

Thank you for reading my contest, and please enjoy.

Comment letting me know if you're interested in entering?
Favorite if you'd like to be entered into the advertising door prizes.


You shall know the depth of my rage
You will not get any of my points
Don't bother asking


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