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A bunch of weird personalities
Look at this baby omg Oleander is so cute he was made by :icongetanimated:

omg look at this baby

He is my favorite right now baaaaaby

CM: viralremix pt.4 by Rndom-Obsessions
A potionsmaking professor that's a huge bag of dicks.

CM: viralremix pt.3 by Rndom-Obsessions
Do you know anything more more annoying than Glitch? Probably not.

CM: viralremix pt.1 by Rndom-Obsessions
A little flower that likes danger and adventure.

CM: viralremix pt.2 by Rndom-Obsessions
A derpy firemancer who'd just love your attention.

CM: viralremix pt. 5 by Rndom-Obsessions
Who's that fussy baby? Oh. Right. Him.

Why are you so special you get your own icon, you asshole shadowmancy teacher?
:bulletred: Contest is in judging!

:bulletgreen: Introduction :bulletgreen:

It was nearing time for the new term to begin, and as always, Glitch wanted to change his outfit... 

Round 3: Glitch vs Kaine (Page 27) by viralremix
After all, that one got a little wrecked in the tournament. Oops.

And why not? He would be earning his degree in Elementalism the next term, and who wouldn't want to look absolutely STUNNING for graduation? Surely not him, as looking into obtaining interesting clothing for graduation was a high priority. 

:bulletgreen: CONTEST DESCRIPTION :bulletgreen:

This is a drawing contest where you design a new outfit for Glitch, the elementalism student teacher of :iconotherworlde:! He tends to change his outfit often and he's looking for a couple new ones to add to his closet. Therefore, your task -- if you choose to accept it -- is to design a new outfit for Glitch to proudly wear in the next term, when he plans to earn his academy degree.

Simply draw Glitch in an outfit of your design and you'll be eligible for many possible prizes!

END DATE: September 20, 2014

:bulletgreen: PRIZES :bulletgreen:
The good part, right?

FIRST PLACE -- $100.00 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 8,000 dA Points)
SECOND PLACE -- $75.00 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 6,000 dA Points)
THIRD PLACE -- $50.00 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 4,000 dA Points)
FOURTH PLACE -- $25.00 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 2,000 dA Points)

HONORABLE MENTIONS -- As many as there need to be
$10.00 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 800 dA Points)

DOOR PRIZES -- A random entrant is selected for each prize, regardless of their placing
$5 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 400 dA Points)
$10 in cold, hard PayPal cash (or 800 dA Points)
100 dA Points
200 dA Points

ADVERTISING PRIZES -- Prizes given to a random person who Favorites this Journal
50 dA Points
50 dA points
50 dA Points
100 dA Points

How are placings decided?
Both drawing skill and clothing design are equally important, however, if neck to neck, clothing design shall win out.

:bulletgreen: ENTERING YOUR CONTEST SUBMISSION :bulletgreen:

To enter your submission, comment here on this journal with a link to your entry Deviation. Please link to the contest in your deviation description.

There are no limits to the number of designs you may submit.

:bulletgreen: SUGGESTIONS AND TIPS :bulletgreen:
This is a clothing design contest, and it matters what Glitch's tastes are, right? Hopefully we wouldn't put him in something he'd dislike...

First, who is he? Here is his profile:
OW: Glitch (Expert) by viralremix
You can learn a lot about him there.

- Green and Black
- No, seriously, he rarely wears anything that isn't green and black. Maybe an accent color, but he's picky.
- Technological / digital designs
- If it looks like it came out of Tron, he'd probably love it
- New goggles. Because Kaine destroyed his.
- Cloaks. Long sleeveless shirts. Anything that's loose and doesn't cling to him.

- Other colors. They might function as accents, but he really only likes yellow and white as accents. Maybe aqua or cyan.
- Weapons - he's weak and probably couldn't pick them up anyway.
- Tight clothes, or anything constricting, or restricting of his agility
- Anything getting stuck on his spikes -- he hates shoes, he dislikes pants (but he's a sexless being, so no worries), sleeves would get stuck on his elbow spikes

PROTIP: He's an electrical being, so you could draw him using electricity!

:bulletgreen: ENTRIES :bulletgreen:

Glitch Clothing Contest Entries by RaisloverSakuraGlitch's Clothing Design Contest (Scanned) by EvolBMOGlitch Design by DarkthareGlitch Clothes Contest Entry by KeathaGlitch by AeronDustGlitch is American's Next Top Model by Rndom-ObsessionsGlitch Clothes Design by FlaminiaKennedyGlitch Outfit Submission 1 by Murder-BallGlitch Outfit Submission 2 by Murder-BallCE - Glitch by theamazingwrabbitContest entry: Glitch by EltyriaCE: Glitch Clothing Design by PastelPlaytimeContest Entry for viral Remix by ClashoftheBunniesGlitch's Clothing Design - Contest by freelex30Glitch design competition by ATadMadQuiet Please by blackwinterraven[ Glitch's Clothing Contest - Entry ] by StarlitSagittariusContest- ViralRemix glitch design by BaothghalachGlitch's Outfit by 8NoahGlitch by He-deGlitch's Clothing Contest Entry by SakuraCat-KimGlitch's Outfit by Irwarfor Glitch's Clothing Contest by nuyanataContest - Glitch Outfit Design by LoneOwlRogueGlitch's Clothing Contest Design by LaceWingedSabyContest Entry : Glitch's Clothing Contest by SuketIlangGlitch CE by HarpoonSwindlerGlitch Contest Outfit by konrei-samaClothing contest by DeadlytwinsCONTEST ~ GLITCH by A-lan-naGlitchdesgin contest by hikkarei

Thank you for reading my contest, and please enjoy.

Comment letting me know if you're interested in entering?
Favorite if you'd like to be entered into the advertising door prizes.


You shall know the depth of my rage
You will not get any of my points
Don't bother asking


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BlackRose-Goddess Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there, I looked into you group Otherworlde, and I'm having trouble with the applications, can you please help me~
viralremix Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
What questions do you have?
BlackRose-Goddess Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I need help on the application for Otherworlde, you know putting my character on the application to join the group, can you help me?
viralremix Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
Unfortunately I can't - though it's not too hard if you use SAI or Photoshop. Even a free program like Fire Alpaca or Gimp should allow you to do so with ease. Copy and paste the character with a transparent background onto the app. Or if it was scanned in, erase the background as best as possible to make sure there isn't a block of background around the character, though it doesn't have to be perfect, of course.
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SuffocationXJay Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey there! Sorry for this random comment out of the blue, but I wanted to stop by your page for a bit.

I was recently on a poll about Sushi Dogs, browsing to see what it was about and saw  in the comments that you offered to give up one of your slots to someone that missed the open window to get a MYO.
I wanted to let you know that you are one of the sweetest people I have ever seen to do that for someone, and it's people like you that the world needs more of. Thanks for making someone else's day. I'm sure they'll never forget how happy you made them.

Cheers! <3
Rndom-Obsessions Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
My dearest Koss,

My Internet is down on the unfortunate day all tournament submissions are due.... ( :iconlazycryplz: ) I don't know what do say/do. Tomorrows Labor Day so any place that may offer service will most likely be closed. I have submissions, I swear! So I don't know what to do basically... I'm smart phone bound as I type this message. Yeah....

The failure,
viralremix Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
We don't offer extensions so you may be out of luck D8 don't have friend to go use the Internet?
Rndom-Obsessions Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just fixed it; the inter webs why you be so cruel :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz: I'll be submitting later tonight (if they be accepted still) :iconlazycryplz:
queerponies Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Stupid question, but you're Slash, right? I want to make sure I'm following the right person eheh
viralremix Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
Yes but I don't go by that anymore
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