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I put my three viruses on my profile! Dawww, they look so cute. Great art by Pidie.
Awesome OW Stuff
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Submit this as a new deviation to "Otherlife" when you complete it.
2. Make sure the character answers truthfully! It's not as fun otherwise ;) (Wink)
3. Put the wordcount of the entire submission (rules and questions included) in the description.
4. Feel free to tag other OW members if they haven't filled it out yet, or you want to see their character answer in particular.

Question 1: What's your name, and why did you decide to enroll in Otherworlde Academy?
My name is Glitch! *points to the name tag on his chest* And that's not too much of a long story... the skinny is that I was wandering around after abandoning my brothers' group, basically looking for somewhere to call home. I stumbled upon the academy and immediately loved it. It's so cozy and homelike here! Everyone's very different, which means that we're really not so different from each other, cause we're all weird.

Question 2: What classes have you taken so far, and what do you think of them?
Oh! It's been a lot from this point... elementalism is obviously my main department of focus, and if I'm not too lazy I should be able to graduate this quarter! *his eyes widened in excitement* But I've taken other classes. I've dabbled in hexing, which I'd like to learn next (bothering Haku is a very worthy pastime), as well as medicine and astral studies. Though it wasn't called astral studies back then.

Question 3: Who is your favorite teacher?
KAINE! He's an assistant professor, so that counts, right? If I'm supposed to pick a department head, then I guess I'd pick Razik! But Kaine is definitely my favorite teacher. I mean, duh, why would I pick anyone beside him if he's in the running?

Question 4: Social skills time! What friends have you made here in the academy?
Oh, lots, though not all of them are around these days. But if I were to name some of the ones who are, that'd be... Kaine (duh), Chrono, Kichi, Razik, and Theon. Those are like my main friends, see? There are other people who are cool too, though. I'm still meeting lots of people.

Question 5: And enemies, those are important. Did you make any enemies?
*he narrowed his eyes* Anyone who saw the tournament should be able to figure that out, shouldn't they?

Question 6: See anyone attractive that you might have a crush on? ;D Be honest!
Pfff, I have a partner, so I'm happy with him. In case you don't know--that's Kaine.

Question 7: Do you support any ships/pairings at the academy?
Umm, my own! I guess I should support my professor's ship though, shouldn't I? I mean, it's not like I'm always trying to static shock his partner or encourage the toilet papering of his department... wait, I am sometimes... oops. There aren't many relationships around these days, are there? They seem a little bit rare. It wasn't always like that.

Question 8: What weaknesses are you trying to make up for in your studies?
Oh, that's easy -- most viruses are very fragile and have easily breakable bones. Or, we're just kind of easily breakable in general. I'm perfecting my distance fighting skills so I can fight away from people who might smash me. 8D

Question 9: If you suddenly switched bodies with the person (or a person) from Question 5, what would you do?
That would really suck, and I would contemplate killing myself if it's permanent 8D

Question 10: What if you switched bodies from the person in Number 6?
I'd do some self-exploration for... future purposes. Yes.

Question 11: Do you know any upperclassmen?
I'm one of them? Most of the upperclassmen I know though, yes. I've been here for eight years, I'd hope I know most of the people who've stuck around for a majority of that time.

Question 12: Who scares you the most in the academy? Student, teacher, etc.
No one really scares me. There are things or actions that scare me, but individual people really don't -- if that makes any sense.

Question 13: Who inspires you the most in the academy? Student, teacher, etc.
Kaine probably! He worked so hard, and got so far, and in the end, it did matter! *strums guitar*

Question 14: If you had to kill one student who wasn't in Question 5, who would you pick?
Oh, I got the opportunity, trust me. But I guess I'd kill someone who didn't want to be alive anymore? I don't really like hurting others, but it's their life and their choice.

Question 15: Is there anyone on campus you would die for to protect them?
Kaine and Chrono hands down. But, maybe... now I would for Morpheus, too.

Tag any characters at the end!

ELM 103 Assignments (November)

Sat Nov 1, 2014, 6:56 PM

Glitch says:

The student teacher stood in the middle of the room, rubbing his hands together in glee. A bit of static bounced between those rubbing limbs as well. "It appears that some of you went on the adventures I sent you on! That's so fantastic! And the talismans you brought with you are going to be helping you in the next assignment. Though, if you didn't go and get a talisman... you might not be doing too well, ah well? It's just my job to bring you to water, not to make you drink~"


[ Kichi Kittrex ]
[ Neos glorypaintGR ]

"Both of you got water talismans from the lake, at least I hope so! And now you're going to be putting those talismans to good work. You're going to cast a spell at each other -- just your one spell -- and see who wins this impromptu battle. No other abilities may be used, only the use of water spells and this talisman. Use shadowmancy and I'm going to fail you, Kichi!" He looked sternly at his friend. "The point of this is to get good with water spells and casting them from talismans."


[ Michael Lerpoli ]
[ Merideth kaii-waii ]

"You must know that your next lesson is going to be the same as the watermancy students, right? So you're going to use windmancy spells, casting them with your talisman, understand? Fight against each other and see who wins! No other spells allowed! You're beginners, so everything shall be fine, don't be too hard on each other."


[ Zai AxisARA ]
[ Merrillana zstew2 ]
[ Bird Erangot ]

"Starting to feel like I'm repeating myself... electricity spells! Use your talisman! Fight each other! No other abilities allowed! Last person standing is the winner! You know, you can cast electricity shields too, so use your talisman smartly and plan with strategy and you can be that winner!"


[ Cernnunos Root-Sec ]
[ Inkhara Illudyr ]

"Oh boy! I wonder what I'll ask you? No one knows, right...? Same as the other ones, fight, fight, fight! Use those spells! Get used to using that earth talisman to cast them."

WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH YOUR ASSIGNMENT, POST IT HERE! Remember you can get full credit by submitting an RP where both of you have at least 1,000 words of posts each!


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